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To Buy or Not to Buy: A Personal History of Buyer’s Remorse

In an homage to my potential future logo, and my concurrent addiction to any and all things damask, filigree and fleur di lis, I present my very first post:

pc: ideeli

Beautiful things such as this often frequent my inbox in the morning from ideeli. And sometimes, like this morning, result in gut-wrenching decisions about buying them. Believe me, I know $99 for a $300 Knit Wit cashmere hoodie is a freaking steal. But that doesn’t mean $100 isn’t five $20 sweaters, a fifth of a potential vacation weekend, and 5 hours of work. You’re probably already seeing where this is going.

Believe that I am all for spending money, within your own personal means, on things of quality that are well-made, beautiful and will last. Your phone, your computer, your purse, those things you see, touch, carry all freaking day long should be the absolute best—that one can afford.

But as much as holding such a beautiful thing that is just so, so me, would be wonderful, and wearing it even wonderful-er, I just couldn’t bring myself to click “Add to cart.” (Ok, that’s a lie. I had it in the cart for the whole 15 minutes, but in the end couldn’t go through with it.) As much as the hoodie’s me, dropping that much cash on something that I probably would never wear because it cost that much, and was cashmere and hand wash only, just isn’t me.

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Who is the Discerning Dilettante?

Someone who has never been able to settle on things in life: Since the age of five I’ve been an amateur fashion designer, interior decorator, travel agent, architectural photographer, event planner, gardener, a crafter, film historian, and brit rock (not) groupie. There have been 2 constants: I’ve always been a writer. And, whether from the thrill of the hunt or necessity, a natural bargain hunter.

Any advice or treatise on blogging will tell you to keep it specific. Blogs about cereal, bookshelves, Manolo Blahniks–that’s the kind of specificity people seek out and read. But I’m sick of needing to pigeonhole myself into a career, a hobby, a blog topic. There are plenty of things I’d once given up because no one has time for it “all”, and I’m through with that now. If it means I’ll just be another blogger talking to myself, so be it.

With this blog I hope to curate a virtual collection of the things I–and you–find make life interesting. If money, space or my own indecision prevent it from actually hanging on my walls or in my closet, at least I can keep it here. So if you love interior design, fashion, crafts, travel, the arts, cooking, and beautiful places, people and things, read on…