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To Buy of Not to Buy: An Overanalyzation of an Impulse.

When does cluelessness absolve one of trendiness?

I started crying in Target Saturday night over this dress.

pc: Nylon

I was obviously on my period.

But the wonderful Art Deco pattern, the colors (my colors!), and the cut were still very much speaking to me. It reminded me of how I wanted to acquire lots of 1960s Alice in Wonderland-type looks as worn by Yvette Mimieux in Light in the Piazza.

My boyfriend, despite his best efforts, is easy prey for tears and dutifully purchased said dress at $60. Not a ton of money, but also not pocket change as we’ve happened to have just paid our year’s worth of property taxes (Disclaimer: in the 2nd most expensive county in the country), and planned a trip to Mexico in the same month.


Said dress is Anna Sui for Target. This was temporarily exciting, as I’ve never really been tempted to “splurge” on any of the “designer” Target collections before. Said collection is based on Gossip Girl characters. Uh oh. Dress is now losing points.

Quick Google search reveals debut of collection in trendy “pop-up” SoHo boutique. (Why can’t they at least let us suburban girls have Target!?)

Dress looks massively heinous in look book as featured in NY Magazine. (NY Magazine?! It’s a Target dress!) Minus more points.

But why would I base my decision on how a dress looks on someone else?!?!

Dress is also rip off of original Anna Sui design from 2007. This actually gains points in my book–from where I see it, it’s less actually based on anything from Gossip Girl, and more of an original Anna Sui. Plus I easily like the Target one much better than the original.

Is it even likely be seen or known by someone else? Nobody who saw the look book would go out in search of it; no one on LI would buy it, and how well-attended would an Anna Sui for Target temp boutique be in the midst of fashion week anyway…

Do I keep it?

Target has a 90-day rumination policy, so check back then…

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Muse: A Return

What MTV keeps harping on as Muse’s first television appearance in the States (ARGH, live yes, first ever no. See Fuse’s footage “Live at the Wiltern” from December 2004), is just one of their many returns to my life.

Their last first show back in the States, in 2006, was like a really big deal.

I’ve been realizing, getting now to actual adulthood as I am, that there are those chunks of time when everything happens and those when nothing happens. Even though it’d only been a year since we’d last seen them then, May 2005 to July 2006 was an everything year for me. July 2006 to August 2007 even more so.

Muse tends to bring everything times.

Yes I know, three very insane, very wonderful blokes from Teignmouth, Devon, in the UK, are not literally responsible for my jobs, my moves, my loves, my losses, my kidney stones.

I am solely responsible for making things happen, or not happen. The happenings (and the not happenings) of the past Muse-years have been me getting off my ass and doing something about my life.

But I’m tired, and I’m scared, of the same, same, sameness of August 2007 to August 2009. Happy same-ness, but still, wtf just happened?

I guess I’m in need of an Uprising.


So very long story short, I’m glad those three and all the ridiculousness that comes with them are back. Being there last night was surreal, and bizarre, and wonderful;. I’m proud to continue to be a part of their journey, whether they actually become the annoying Twilight-era icons they’re being made into or not.

And I hope that, starting last night, my life will move forward, and that I will finally learn how to translate all the hoops I’ll jump through for them into having an impact on my real life.