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On the Road: Our Riviera Mayan Edventure


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Tulum Ruins – pc: the dd and sej


Edventure was a Trip Advisor word-of-mouth find, and an awesome one. They really were like all the things the reviews say they are like. Super nice, super accommodating, and turned my initial misery into what was, the best day of our vacation. I say misery because, as there website states: “While it may be raining at your resort, it could be sunny at our office in Tulum.” Well, what we didn’t keep in mind, was that it may be sunny at our resort and raining at their office in Tulum. So the rain jackets stayed in the suitcase, and we got drenched while visiting the ruins at Tulum. The ruins that I’d read about being the hottest place on earth and there being no protection from the sun. No protection from the rain either…so I was soo wet and miserable when we headed to reunite with the other couples (who’d gone zip-lining) on our the second part of our “edventure.” I seriously wanted to just go back to our hotel, but was eventually soo glad we didn’t.


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Dos Ojos – pc: the dd


The second stop involved snorkeling in a cenote (a kind of freshwater cave), which was eventually awesome, after initially forgetting how to snorkel, and having my 10-yr old mask

crap out. At this point my knight in shining armor stepped in–he was a friend of the Edventure family and was tagging along helping on tours while he was in town. An absolute sweetheart, he was completely my hero for letting me borrow his mask while he fixed mine, and just generally making me feel like if I ever needed someone to hang back or help me out, it was OK. An dandy-ish expat with what sounded like kick ass past life, his enthusiasm and love of Mexico and its people was totally contagious. The cenote, Dos Ojos, was insane. Easily one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. We could see cave divers way down in the cavern, and bats flying and roosting up in the eaves.


After Dos Ojos we headed to Akumal for lunch and more. I don’t even know if I can describe Akumal in words. Something about the rainy, misty day seemed more evocative that the sun ever would have. The grey and the turquoise ocean looked like a tie-dyed chiffon ballet skirt I once had. Terrible analogy. Look at the photo. Lunch was at La Buena Vida which had good food, generous portions and an amazing beachy charm. It was like Jimmy Buffet level Corona and margarita paradise. They do weddings, and don’t think we aren’t tempted. Frankly, we’re tempted to emigrate to Akumal in general.


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Half Moon Bay in Akumal – pc: the dd


After lunch we snorkeled at Yal-ku Lagoon, which my boyfriend really loved. He apparently noticed there were apartments that cozied right up to the lagoon, which…well wow, is what that would be. You could go swimming in an aquarium every day. Some awkwardness followed in that we were going to forego snorkeling with the sea turtles in Akumal Bay to save some money and time as we‘d both snorkeled with turtles before, but it was easier for the group of 6 to stay together, so we got brought along turtle snorkeling for free. The boat ride out onto the bay was probably my favorite part of the day, the endlessness of the ocean kept bringing to mind the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Had we planned on going, it would’ve been disappointing. It was turtle-tagging day for the Akumal Turtle protection patrol people and so almost all the turtles had gone off and hidden themselves, though we did see a crazy beautiful squid. Our guide, Hector, was telling us that they’d spotted a hammerhead the other day (in the area we were not swimming)—a sighting of that probably would’ve made my life!


The only downside of our adventure with Edventure—I seriously dehydrated myself and did not put 2 and 2 together until around 1pm the next afternoon. It wasn’t very hot or sunny, so I sort of forgot to keep up with drinking water, especially when one didn’t really know when the next restroom opportunity would be. And when you’re *in* the water all day, you really don’t think about your body not having enough. Thus the 20 hours of sleep that followed before I sorted myself out with about a nonstop liter of water. So my word of advice, bring plenty of water (they have a cooler in the van), and remember to drink it!