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<3-ing Brooklyn

The boy and I have been watching a lot of Doc Martin lately, which is not surprisingly making me want to run away to an English village that looks like this, where the sun miraculously shines everyday and everybody knows your name.


But it’s funny how you can get the same vibe in the middle of NYC.


I was on my way to a client meeting at One Brooklyn Bridge Park for my in-my-spare-time day job, Home Design Rx, and the walk from Atlantic Ave was so romantically BK. I don’t often remember to play photographer, but I busted out my camera and took these to commemorate a wonderful blustery fall day.


(And kudos to the fall Dream Lab for reminding me how wonderful taking out 10 minutes for this kind of thing is.)


























































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Small city, big town love

It seems like this is turning into a bit of a travel blog. Kinda ironic considering I don’t really travel that much. But I guess I don’t blog all that much either…


I do love to travel, especially because home right now isn’t exactly in my favorite place on earth. That said, I’m still a bit of a homebody (something aided and abetted by my very domestic relationship with another homebody). This study in contradictions can be easily explained to anyone with an intermediate grasp of astrology by explaining that I’m a Taurus with Sagittarius rising. No, I don’t know how I manage either.


Well, this summer we went to two not terribly far from home places, that made for a nice change.


Escape from NY over the Tappan Zee on a Friday afternoon

Callicoon, NY


Every summer my high school friends go camping along the Delaware River in upstate NY. This year the party was moved up river from Narrowsburg to Callicoon, which was totally sweet because we’d discovered the amazingly old-timey town of Callicoon on a liquor-procuring mission a few years earlier. And of course, the boy didn’t have his camera, and so, missed out on some amazing shots like this one:


 pc: Anton Markus

The Olympia Hotel, which has since been boarded up.


The Soaring Eagle campground was fine (OK, the walk to the bathroom was looong), but the real highlight for me was our stop at the farmer’s market and a nice long dig through the flea market before heading home Sunday afternoon.


loving the gorgeous poster

DSC_0538   one of the boy’s less creepy photos—the others involved clowns
 DSCF0503this Tiffany-style lamp sadly did not come home with us

I know it couldn’t possibly be more clichéd to love escaping the city/suburbs for a weekend in the country to go jogging through fields, swimming in the river, eating at farmer’s markets, and digging through antiques shops. But I do! I perpetually want to run away to the country.


this pumpkin did come home with us







Pittsburgh, PA





After the boy, Pittsburgh may just be the unlikeliest love of my life.


See, my surprisingly wise guidance counselor suggested Carnegie Mellon to me back in high school, at which I literally scoffed. I was going to Los Angeles. Kids are dumb. I was a dumb kid.

Then one of my close friends moved to Pittsburgh and I actually visited (en route, in fact, to Los Angeles with my car). And I kinda loved it. It may have been the unbeatable crepes. Or the cheap booze. Or the thriving Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Or how the coal mining capital of the world, was actually…sunny. But it didn’t take me more than a visit to just, like the place.
So now that I’ve been back 5 times, I really like it. Like, we found our future home like it. But first, on Saturday, we fulfilled one of my architectural must-sees (that’s two in one year!): Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater:

It was just as fabulous as all that architectural history brow-beating makes it out to be. It’s…livable, bizarrely ahead of its time, and there were some cozy spots that I just never wanted to leave. I’ll attribute my approval of it with FLW and I’s shared size (he designed everything for the 5’6" person), and love of the earthy orange/green/brown color palette that the 1970s bastardized.




The reason for the visit was to walk in FAAN’s Food Allergy walk in memory of one of the best friends a girl could have, who passed away in 2003 after an unexpected anaphylactic reaction. That was on Sunday, and we had great weather and felt proud to support this cause. (Although I maintain it was unfair to have sno cones and cotton candy as refreshments to those of us like myself who have food dye allergies! Sure, it’s a food additive allergy. And that makes us second class citizens!? Kidding.)


After the walk, we continued the architectural love-fest with a Pittsburgh house tour. Amazingly, this was the first house tour I’ve ever been on, and I was surprised by how awkward it was wandering through strangers’ homes! (Or friends of friends, as our hosts wound up knowing a couple of the participants.) But there obviously were so many people doing the exact same thing that I quickly got over it. And wow, there are some awesome places to live in the city. I especially loved seeing how people handled very similar floor plans very differently.






We wandered off the "official" tour houses and discovered "Randyland," whose pictures speak for themselves. Ditto to the Allegheny City Firehouse, which for a half hour, I strongly considered trying to buy.


DSC_0258  pc:sej





Yay Pittsburgh!


Wishing I had photos to share of our last visit (crazy to imagine us without a single camera), when we visited the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning, the Chululy installation at the Phipps Conservatory, and the Aviary.

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