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To Buy or Not to Buy: I have a party dress problem.


Since I didn’t go shopping yesterday on Black Friday (I’ll post about what I did do tomorrow when all is said and done), I figured I’d write about shopping instead.


Or more specifically, my party dress addiction.


My reasoning for such is twofold:


1) Party dresses are adorable and fabulous.


2) When it comes to styling myself, I am really, really lazy. A great outfit that consists of exactly one item? SOLD.


I usually try to avoid even trying on such things to prevent myself from spending money on something I’ll wear once to a wedding, and secretly wish I had some kind of job (seat filler? hostessing at a schmancy restaurant? escort?) that I could wear it to all the time.


So this time when I wandered into H&M and wanted to buy every $50 party dress in the place, I decided to try a new approach.


Only photos were taken home with me. 😉


DSCF0894This one was my favorite, although it really looks terrible in the picture.

I swear it didn’t make my torso look that freakishly short (although it is)…


DSCF0899Love all things one-shouldered…

(Sorry, I haven’t mastered self-portraiture yet)


DSCF0902Love the color, love the whole Grecian thing, and yet…

I don’t love this dress.

I don’t think I can pull off maxi dresses…


DSCF0906Nope, I definitely can’t.

(Anyone notice how totally Blossom the dress/boots look is?!)



I thought for sure this one was going to be the one that was hard to let go.

But WOW, where’d my boobs go? I promise they were there before and after wearing this dress. Not huge, mind you, but there.


DSCF0910LOVE this one.

And I do not usually go for the shoulder thing.

But it really does balance out the top and bottom.

That Adrian was on to something.

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I haven’t had bangs in almost twenty years. I was pretty scarred by them, as you can see below:


babybangs 1


But last week I gave in to some uncharacteristic spontaneity, and totally went for it. I wish I could honestly say that I walked in to the salon armed with pics of these bang-rocking greats:




penelope tree


Jane Birkin2 janebirkin

jane birkin


Instead I have to give Nana at Midoma full credit that their legacy is what I left with:


Whew. Bang crisis averted. 

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Sweet Deal : Rug!

DSCF0890the living room, very much a work in progress…


I have been DYING for a new living room rug, every since I moved back into the house 4 years ago. This is because the old rug looked like this:


DSC00920 the living room, circa march…


Replacing it was not easy because I needed something in the 10×13 to 12×15 range, i.e. not cheap.


I thought I had found a worthy candidate for ~$400, and web-stalked it for about…a year. I finally decided to order a small size to check it out (and see if the cat would scratch it).


It was… meh, but I probably would’ve made do if the cat didn’t go ballistic on it almost immediately.


At a loss, I now put off the rug purchase indefinitely. And of course, a few weeks later, the perfect rug dropped in my lap via one of the links at the top of gmail:




You have to dig a bit for the not-scary-traditional rugs on the site, but they are there and so beautiful. And so cheap! (AND it arrived in 3 days!)


After finding a 10% off coupon code, the final total for the 10×13 rug = $312 (inc. a freebie 2×3 area rug and free shipping).


Sweet deal.

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What I’m doing these days…

(Because I don’t really travel that much, that’s just what I get off my ass and blog about…)



1) Finding and emailing every potential beach wedding venue this side of the Jersey Shore…

[this one’s blissfully all wrapped up, but I’m leaving it as a reminder of how long it takes me to finish a blog entry.]


2) Designing a kitchen we can’t afford…


3) Watching tv, especially HGTV with which I’m hoping our snark can be one day be turned into a blog…


4) Entering the last 3 years of financial data into quicken…


5) Online shopping …


6) Lots of personal reflection/growth time (including Mondo Beyondo, tons of books, and APW’s well-timed things to think about)…


7) [Mostly avoiding] Selling off the contents of my house on Etsy and Ebay…


8) Squeezing in some kind of exercise in the increasingly colder and darker days…

[thanks Jackie Warner for lighting a fire under my ass this summer]


9) Taking an acting class…


10) And trying to write this damn blog.

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The endless possibilities of wedding planning…



bjpc: betsey johnson spring 2009 via popsugar 

It’s no secret that I’ve been engaged for months (years?) now. And I dabbled from the beginning in wedding blogland, but it was hard to really get into wedding planning when I wasn’t sure if I was actually engaged.

And then after the "official" engagement the overwhelmed-ness kicked in. I joined and fled from the Kn*t. I secretly vowed to read every Wedding Bee’s entries. (And, uh, failed.) I looked at every one of Snippet & Ink’s Inspiration boards. I started a Tumblr to collect pretty pictures.

I thought my perfect wedding was out there, it was just a matter of looking for it in enough places. Like monkeys typing Shakespeare.

And so I didn’t really plan/decide/narrow down anything. Because there is just sosososososososososo much good stuff, I want it all! I want the destination wedding, the beach wedding, the barn wedding, the city loft wedding. I want the short dress, the tea length dress, the ballgown. I want to go to city hall and I want to elope to the English countryside.


I am not what you call a naturally decisive person.

And then I found A Practical Wedding. And yes, I did read every post from the beginning. But this time it was totally necessary. Because these posts restored my sanity, instead of deepening the planning paralysis.

And it was agonizing to narrow down the previously unlimited (ok, I’m not made of money, so somewhat limited) wedding possibilities, but we did it. Eventually.