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Christmas Craft! : Vintage Glass Ornament Wreath




In my cleaning-out-the-house-process(more on this in general next week) , I’m trying my damnedest to not keep things. There are enough things that are a bit of a given to keep – heaps of jewelry, the china, the crystal, scraps of paper from the 1950’s that are "interesting"…so yea, even though it goes against my very nature (which judging by the state of the house is apparently genetic), my motto is "sell, sell, sell".


So it was not without a lot of guilt that I decided not to sell ~80 vintage glass Christmas ornaments. (At ~$1/each that was an extra $80 I guess I decided I could live without.) I was totally going to list them on Ebay and spent a good hour taking the photos to prove it.


But then I saw some wreaths like these, and I decided I wanted one (in a temper tantrum-y way), and that I could make one.






So after a week’s procrastination and quick trip to get a blank wreath and some floral wire, I was on my way. I would give further instructions on my DIY-ness, but I don’t really recommend you do what I did.


Et voila:



A little…off.


Tip: When assembling, do not leave the wreath flat on the table the whole time. This will result in something similarly crappy and lopsided to what I achieved. If it’s possible to do so securely, I would just make the whole wreath vertically.

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wedding tumblr

i have one. it’s a super fun thing to do. and quite helpful in terms of organizing inspiration. thanks aimee for the tip.



(and apologies for the borrowing of anyone’s pics without permission. i tried to give credit as appropriate, and will likely be it all down post-wedding. but please contact me to request something be taken down immediately.)

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Black & White & Yellow All Over, Cashmere Edition

So I finally (16 months later) caved. Apparently $69 + shipping & tax on Ideeli was cheap enough to make me a cashmere convert.



And, oh my god, was I ever converted.


Being as broke as I generally have been, I’ve never bought myself cashmere I have a couple cashmere/partial-cashmere hand-me-downs. But man, are they nothing like KnitWit. It’s like wearing a hug, I swear to god.



DSCF1057knitwit hoodie, victoria’s secret pima cotton turtleneck tunic, jcrew pearls, yellow puffer jacket courtesy of my late mother & sears circa the ’70s, american apparel circle scarf, jeans from charlotte russe


I’ll probably usually ignore the yellow accents on the hoodie, but for its first outing I choose to embrace them, and the results happily reminded me of this wedding, visually one of my favorites:



Next up, actively preventing myself for blowing my savings on KnitWit hoodies…

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Destination : Guilt

Yesterday, on my daily read of APW, the lovely Amanda spoke about her lovely wedding weekend, and well, I wanted to cry.

Our wedding game plan took a long while to get decided on, and as much as I want to stick to our decisions after all that, some days it’s just fucking hard.


Because while our plans are steadily evolving, there’s still a long way to go—namely, how to evoke the feel of a camped-out wedding weekend when you’re wedding is local and you only have your venue for the day…

But we’ve come a long, long way from my initial struggles with the guilt of having a destination wedding. This was written back in August:

0002-web Villa Buena Onda

I’m a mess of a wannabe DW bride.

It’s no surprise that I’ve always known I wanted something very small, simple and faraway—I didn’t have birthday parties as a girl, I took friends on trips (courtesy of my amazing mom, who is no longer living), first to the zoo, and then later to Disney World or Hawaii. My closest friends and I have been all over the world together, to Italy, England, Australia, Hawaii, and on. And my fiancé, who hates flying (well so do I) has been successfully peer-pressured into the travel bug, and we’ve been on some awesome trips together already.

We got engaged last September in Mexico, and a year later all we know for sure is that we don’t want (and can’t afford) the traditional church ceremony/catering hall reception model that is so popular around our home on Long Island. Basically we want to gather like 30 of our closest friends at a nice house to hang out and celebrate. Doing this, uh not in NY, seemed practical at first: almost anywhere is cheaper than here, some people are traveling anyway, and I know if we did something local I would get far more wrapped up in details and planning.

So when we found an all-inclusive private villa in Costa Rica (where we had always wanted to visit) that fit the bill (and was 100% recommended on Trip Advisor), we were super excited. After a preliminary survey of whether friends would even considering coming down to CR we took a trip to check it out. The villa was everything I imagined it would be, and I know we would be in good hands there. And yet I’m totally stuck in terms of moving forward.

I think 2 things in particular are holding me back.

1) I had imagined finding a venue that was THE ONE. Like everyone says about the dress, and of course, the fiancé. Is it OK to go with a very solid option, even if it doesn’t speak to you?

2) I’m paralyzed with the thought that it is totally unpractical to ask our friends to actually do this. I know they can decline, but it seems downright wrong to even ask them to fork over ~$600 to come to our wedding. Even though the handful of potential invitees are as close to family as I’ve got (my immediate family is deceased), and they’ve all said over and over no matter where we go, they’re coming, it seems like too much to ask of my struggling twenty-something friends. We’d cover airport transport and hopefully even some of the all-inclusive accommodations, but it’s hard to know what kind of subsidizing we could do without even knowing how many people will come…it just feels like it would be so wrong to NOT pay for our guests.

While we’re seriously considering the local wedding route to go easy on our guests, I feel like it’s compromising quite a bit of who I am and what I want. Not to mention, every time we go over the numbers we end up saying, but this money (that we still don’t have) could pay for everyone to stay in Costa Rica…

I know if we go the destination route it must be expectation-free, we must be prepared for everyone to say no. But of course that’s easier said than done… 


Yep. I was stressin’. And that was just the beginning. And I felt soo ALONE. Indie-wedding-blog-land seems devastatingly devoid of helpful sane people talking about DW’s. If I had gone that route, I wanted that to be me. But I’m not going that route, so if you are, GO!, DO! Reign with benevolent sanity and DW expertise!

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Nice little Saturday planned : Shiny new office and storage closet


Literally! It’s shiny, see:




So I spent Thanksgiving weekend busting my ass. This is the 2nd year running of using my only annual 4 day weekend to get these kinds of project done, and I kind of regret this, as the highlight of my mini-vacation was catching snippets of the dog show Thursday afternoon each time I walked by the TV.


The lowlights include hands so raw (constant washing + an assortment of cleaning products – any kind of lotion = a big mistake) they literally cracked & the meltdown I had somewhere around 7pm Sunday night when the house was still in shambles. (Does it make me extra crazy that how blissfully clean it all ended up was totally worth the meltdown?)


Projects we tackled:


1) Recreating our crappy office into a nice office, as inspired by some  repurposed stainless steel IKEA cabinets courtesy of Felicitas Oefelein:








2) Moving this:



Into this:




As these things go, it got worse before it got better:






But we ultimately transformed the whole thing into a slightly less-messy, definitely less-DIRTY closet:




Success rate : 80%?


I would still like proper storage vessels for my grandmother’s china and crystal to perhaps put those where they belong, like the attic, hahaha.


We haven’t yet done anything about re-editing art or hanging guitars and /or bicycles on walls.


I would also like a sweet vertical shelf thing for my Vogue collection. And any old IKEA bookcase in order to do away once and for all with stupid wire snap together shelves…



Oh yeah, and I need an actual desk chair!


BUT, in real life "before and afters" don’t reach 100% overnight, or even over a weekend. So it’s never too late to fix the lingering details that are bothering you…