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Bedroom before & after, princess & the pea version.

DSC00914 Before.

I apparently disliked it so much I never bothered to take a good picture of it.


Also before.


P1000745 After


P1000728 Yes, I was too lazy to unplug my humidifier. Clearly this isn’t Elle Decor.


We’re not good sleepers, the two of us. Scott has night terrors and I just have general sensitivity to feng shui or something. I seriously wish I knew what “or something” means so I could fix it, but out of the several bedrooms and myriad hotel rooms I’ve slept in, some just feel right and others just feel wrong. [And wrong often results in night terrors myself.] Thus, I can be a bit of a nomad, sleeping months at a time in odd places throughout my house or apartment.


Somewhere pre-digitalization are pictures from my old LA apartment, which I loved to pieces with the great exception of my bedroom. It was entered through a closet, had another door to the outside, and a giant picture window that could never be uncovered because it was just a huge view of the motley crew of ‘Nam vets who lived next door and smoked weed in their driveway all day long. And so, there was no good place to put a bed. For two years, I dragged my mattress to different places around the room and was never settled.


Needless to say, when I moved back into my childhood home, I was hoping moving into my grandparent’s former master bedroom would result in good sleep vibes, rather than bad ones. (My childhood bedroom fell into the latter category.) But alas, it was kind of a fail.


Even sadder, it took us 3 years (including an embarrassingly long time camping out on the living room floor – why is it so embarrassing? Can everyone else really just sleep wherever they’re supposed to?!) from when I “finished” the bedroom until we finally rearranged. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think this configuration is a winner.


Now I just need a firmer mattress. Sleeping on the floor can do wonders for your spine.


Also to do: Recenter my Tord Boontje pendant. Figure out a less random this-is-where-the-hook-already-was placement of the large dancer print. Get a flatscreen TV. Maybe paint the furniture lacquered white or black. Maybe add a row of chunky white hooks to the empty wall for weekly clothing storage….

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