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House: Art Buying, Or My Trip to the Dark Side

Back in April I wrote about how to be an art collector on a budget, and since then we’ve picked up our original pieces (and more) from the Cotton Candy Machine (and others).


I’ve always needed to have something hanging on the walls (even back when I wasn’t allowed to put any holes in them), and so collected art museum postcards and prints, would never throw out a calendar, and even occasionally made some art of my own.


My transition to grown-up art can’t really come as a surprise—since I started working at Esopus in 2007, the pictures torn out of magazines have stepped up a notch, and I’ve scored some incredible actual artist editions as well.



“Untitled”, Berend Strik, Esopus 10 (Spring 2008)

(Reproducing the artist’s original stitched photo X 10,000 was a labor of love!)


My jobs have also introduced me dangerous, dangerous places like and 20×200, where I scored these sweet Mickey Smith’s after we published her in Esopus 13:


P1000944 Collocation No. 14 (NATURE) Right and Left Panels, Mickey Smith


I’ve also been surrounded by Scott’s art. Now granted, we have discovered some amazing things we BOTH like together,



“Snowy Egret,” Charley Harper, Charles Harper’s Birds and Words


but his kind of art looks more like this:





And then last year I found a man who bridged the gap between Scott’s art world and mine:


The Welcoming Party_lores "The Welcoming Party," Greg Simkins

(A limited edition print of this was my Christmas gift from Scott!)


It was the allure of an original Simkins that motivated me to motivate Scott to get in the car and drive to Brooklyn on a Saturday afternoon for the “Tiny Trifecta” show at the Cotton Candy Machine. But it was the art that motivated me to buy some after the Simpkins very, very quickly sold out.


P1000934Eric White


I even let Scott buy some of his own pieces.
(I was supposed to be in charge of us “not

going crazy.”)


                             Dave Correia                                                              Brian Ewing

See, our office was supposed to be the “scary art zone,” and maybe it will be, but for now the scary art is spreading.


P1000919 Alex Pardee


Sometime between our first trip to the Cotton Candy Machine, and our second my brain got addled. See, we went back for the ZeroFriends’ shows, and suddenly there were all these things I wanted. How could I not? I mean, My Little Pony looks totally badass as a skeleton, amirite?


P1000920Dave Correia


Alex Pardee


And who cares if this is “Mothra,” and I don’t even know what that is, it’s really awesome colors. And we had to get a “Jaws” for Scott, and it looks so perfect in the white shadowbox frame…


Alex Pardee


IMG_20110507_220311the before: a lazy pic from my phone


When we got home I reformatted our living room collage wall (that Scott had always complained about—I will never understand what was wrong with having Kirk and Spock there!?) with our new acquisitions.


P1000961 the after


So by the time this guy showed up in our mailbox a few weeks ago, I just shrugged, admired the beautiful light, concluded it reminded me of the Haunted Mansion, and hung it in the living room.

(Note: my shelves are on the right complete with Harry Potter collection and my prom photo, as compared to Scott’s shelves on the left full of menacing looking things.)

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