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Wedding : The Where, Part 1

This was a tough one for us. As I touched on over at my first post on mine and my friend Aimee’s new blog about honeymoons, I have always wanted an intimate destination wedding. Just me, Scott, and maybe a dozen friends at a fabulous villa somewhere exotic.  (Most fabulous villas can be rented for a week at $10k or less, so I figured why spend it all on one day?)

Only in retrospect am I able to see clearly why this was such a strong desire of mine:
Long Island, where I grew up and we live now, is a veritable stronghold of the WIC. Here we have been raised in a land of catering halls, and are bred since early childhood, through years of bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens and proms, that one day our wedding will take place in such an establishment.

And so naturally, I truly thought the only way I could escape the grasps of the LI WIC and its message of back-breaking conformity was to get the hell out of Dodge.

A love of travel and a want for something small, unusual, and nontraditional seemed to effortlessly equal “destination wedding”. Over the years I have also taught Scott to like to travel, and as he wished for any kind of wedding planning that didn’t involve me doing (and thus crying) much, he was on board with “anything that would make me happy.”

And out of this our dreams of a Costa Rican wedding were born.

Our Villa Buena Onda sneak peek last May

I came across THE venue in a Gmail header ad, of all ungodly places. Despite the URL reading the very cheesy “,” I clicked. I looked at the prices, then the photos (oh, the photos!), and finally took a deep breath and headed over to Trip Advisor, where a 100% perfect rating caused me to squee and bounce up and down in my chair.

An intensive email dialogue with Joan at Costa Rican Vacations ensued, and within a month we’d booked ourselves a visit to the Villa.

It was a clever excuse for a vacation, which you can read more about here and here.



Scott looking spoiled and guily, signature drink in hand, as he checks out this view…


The Villa was our last stop on the trip, and we were totally worn out and exhausted, but oh my god, was it the cure for all that. We were given a tour followed by lots of wedding brainstorming with Dayana the concierge, who was so adorable I wanted to take her home in my pocket, and so clearly on top of her game I wanted to hire her on as my own personal assistant. I definitely could’ve trusted my wedding to that woman.

Then we were given lunch (and ice cream!), and even had time for a dip in the pool. It may have been several of the nicest hours I have ever spent anywhere. Seriously five star treatment. So five star I was almost uncomfortable, and wondered if I could handle a whole week of this…

Gah, writing this actually makes my stomach churn, I still wish we were getting married there! (And here! Two weddings!)

Even this collage could not convince our friends to come to CR…

But two does not make a wedding, only an elopement, and many variables (that I will discuss in Part 2) caused us to go down a very different path.

So instead, here’s to a Villa Buena Onda vacation in 2012!

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  1. Oooh beautiful!! And that’s kind of a great story. Love the guilty picture!

    You hit on the head why I wanted a just the two of us wedding. I figured that was the only way I could avoid those crazy undercurrents and focus fully. This is stretching me, but I think in a good way.

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