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Summer Style : Nicole

Third in a series of helping out my friends…sartorially. 


Nicole’s “makeover” was less of an intervention and more of a roast, as it was her birthday weekend, and she had her sister and several friends over who were eager to dig into the most embarrassing items in her closet. Luckily, I forgot to photograph those, though you can get an idea by checking out the orange terry-cloth dress in the background of the photo below.




I’ve known Nicole since the 7th grade, and back then she was known for wearing psychedelically-patterned tights with clashing dresses. The closest she gets to that these days is the well-worn purple striped dress pictured above, as she has since become an accountant, and started dressing like one. Her favorite color is brown.




I tried to help her work with what she has [brown] in the two photos below, picking some of the better fitting items, and skewing them towards the cuter end of business casual with a cardigan.





Nicole’s Pinboard focuses on office-appropriate neutrals that can transition to after-work events: lots of cardigans for layering, her beloved brown with a few pops of color and fun patterns thrown in, and some comfortable but cute wedges and heels.


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  1. I need someone to do this to me. Wanna travel to Ohio?

    Actually, scratch that. I need someone to go shopping with me. Wanna nominate me for What Not to Wear? 🙂

  2. Zan

    Dude Jo, I used to Nanny for a family that lived in the same building as Stacey from that show. I used to dress my most shlubby in the hopes that she’d see me. 🙂

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