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Life after Wedding


me in Mexico


As I was writing my Honeymoon Diaries post on “doing” vacations, I started to ponder why I’m that kind of “doing” crazy.


Not to justify my own insanity—and it is insanity, as I’m sure you read—but I think this comes out of wanting to squeeze every ounce of amazing out of every moment of traveling.


When I’m on a trip, I’m constantly afraid of missing out on something great, I always wanting to be doing, and seeing, and exploring and making the most out of every second.


Even if every second is spent at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.


I want to incorporate more of this kind of passion into my daily life, and I think after the wedding is going to be an easy time to start.


There is so much I CANNOT WAIT to do come October—some of it productive, like get in touch with a couple of possible mentors and brainstorm and test some new career paths, and some of it is indulgent, like reading magazines again. (God, I miss magazines.)


And that’s also part of why I think this honeymoon is going to be perfect for us. One part doing, and one part stopping to enjoy the view (guilt-free) equals a happy life.


  1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself for what happens after the wedding. Granted, I’m more of a relaxer than a doer, but I was shocked by how much I really wanted to do nothing for a while in the weeks after the wedding. We’re 5 weeks past and only now do I want to start working on any of those “after” projects I had planned. But! I’m not you : ) I think if nothing else, your magazine reading will certainly bounce back.

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