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Wedding : Registry

As I type this, there are 3 large Crate & Barrel boxes sitting outside the front door that I have no freaking clue where I’m going to store in my house. (And ok, you will not believe this, but in time between when i started writing this and went to take a picture of what’s outside another random—huge—box showed up!


You see, we registered.

1. other registry stories

Registering is a strange and painful thing, and I was heartened to know I wasn’t alone in thinking this. But that alone wasn’t exactly helping me get off my ass and register.


2. we need things

The irony is, we need shit. People always talk about how, oh we’re adults, we’ve lived together for years, we don’t need anything. Well, you know what, eff that. We do need things.


I’ve been living on my own for ten years this year. And Scott for twice that. Anything we have is at least that old. And it’s all breaking.


In this year alone we’ve lost a toaster, toaster oven, grill, the pans are blackened, the blender has exposed wires, the vacuum hardly sucks, you do not even want to see the bristles on my broom…


We need shit.

3. so i pick some sites to try


Thus registering was kind of a given—people expect it, we’d already put a freeze on buying new housewares…


So after some poking around the interwebs and polling Twitter, I did exactly what my dear friend Aimee did and set up registries on MyRegistry and HoneyFund.


As far as I could tell they were the only truly free sites that allowed you to 1) compile a registry from different sites, and 2) set up a honeymoon registry. And so far, they’ve worked out just fine.


4. but im not fast enough

So there I was, shuffling along on my registering plan, when my friends began repeatedly  informing me that I needed to put things on the registry.


And then when I did that, that there weren’t enough things. This is very difficult for a girl such as myself, who will happily comparison shop for a dustpan for 3 hours, to do in any kind of timely manner.


You see, my dear friends were planning a shower, that I was trying my hardest to be grateful for, difficult though this is when they first harped on me for the guest list (yes, one month in advance is enough notice when 98% of the invitees will already be in town for another even the day before), and then for a registry.

It was then, on a Friday morning at 10am that my lovely and hilarious boss got involved.


Completely unaware of all the crap I had already gotten over my half-assed registry, and of the stressful week I was having, she announced that she had seen the registry, there wasn’t enough on it, she didn’t want any excuses, I was to spend an hour that day adding to it.


So of course I burst into tears.


Because when people are nice to me I get embarrassed and cry.


(I am just slightly terrified of the shower and wedding in this respect.)


5. it all gets done eventually


Anyway, later that day, after I got over myself, champagne was uncorked and I was strong-armed into filling up a registry.


Eventually I later added the rest of the things on our do-not-buy-because-we-should-register-instead list, and created our HoneyFund. The HoneyFund was fun because I’m excited about our honeymoon, and embarrassing because now the world pretty much knows how much it’s costing.

6. and the gifts start pouring in


Not exactly. First I got to chuckle to myself for 3 weeks as the same people who were harping that I create a registry DIDN’T BUY ANYTHING.


(Let me assure you, I don’t really care. The way I see, if you buy me a gift, that’s awesome and I love you. If you don’t, that’s more room in my house, and that’s also awesome, and I love you. Gifst are why people go through all the insanity of buying a house before they get married.)


Which brings me back to the beginning.


I better go find somewhere to put the boxes.


  1. Zan

    My advice? OPEN THE BOXES. If Crate and Barrel is anything like Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma they will pack one spoon in a 4ft by 6ft box with a metric ton of bubble wrap. We weren’t going to open anything until after the wedding but we ran out of space and HAD to open things in order to put them away.

    I don’t consider myself materialistic but hot damn do I love having nice knives.

  2. I felt bad. We came home from our honeymoon and stopped by our neighbors to see if anything showed up on our door while we were gone (I had asked her to keep them safe). We discovered a towering pile of boxes in her living room. Whoops.

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