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Ok, more opinions and polling today! You know you love it.

Yay NY = Thursday, and I have to pick out something to wear, so I made Scott endure a session of dress-up, and my best ode to ANTM:




So, the options are:


1) These are the pants I wore to the prom ten years ago, and I’ve always wanted to wear them again. Pro: sparkles.


2) This may be the clear winner, summery and full of sparkles.


3) Soo somfy, and something I could actually wear to work and not have to change from.




  1. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but it’s ruffles, not feathers. Still seems to be the clear winner though, huh? I really thought it was going to be the nude sparkle-overload one! It’s solid spangles! I think y’all like the black & blue because it’s my best ANTM pose. 😉

    I guess you’ll find out tomorrow what it’s gonna be…

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