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Wedding : Hair

All right ladies, I don’t have time to fuck around. I need help. #TBCB help. Too many decisions, too little time, too much to think about.




So I got it in my head that my dress, which nods to Gibson Girl/Edwardian-ish-ness, would be perfect with a soft, high bun and bangs. I’ve been growing them out since the winter, but I was kind of counting on cutting them.


Without giving the dress totally away (Scott, turn back), here is kind of an idea of what it would look like (albeit with less messy, overgrown bangs):






So then, I was gathering pics of me with bangs last winter, and I wasn’t too thrilled with what I saw. Sigh. Most of the pics were of me in hats, so that’s not too helpful.


Sometimes they look cute:




Sometimes I look 9 years old:


badbangs No, srsly, what’s up with Mayim Bialik in the middle picture?


It’s been a loooong time since I last had to whip up an updo. Like senior prom.


SOOO, if I don’t get bangs – what do I do? I’m pretty confident I can put my hair in a bun, but more than that with all the other shit I’ve got going on that day? Not so sure.


Here’s some of my hair inspiration:




Wow guys, thanks for the opinions, which sadly have served to confuse me more. Some more background. Sadly, I don’t have the hair/makeup savvy friend, and I don’t have the budget to hire anyone, not to mention I’ve never met a stylist who doesn’t overestimate my hair—but despite all this, I’m still considering finding one ASAP.


This thing is, my hair is super fine, super straight and super slippery. Graceful wisps, and tousled curls, and basically anything soft and like an actual Gibson Girl (which I know, is perfect) needs professional help. Except  the professionals never believe that unless they shellac the shit out of it, my hair will only hold a curl or a style for a half hour.


I probably should’ve picked a dress around my hippy hair.


I did some quick and dirty messing with it in case that influences anyone.







  1. I love me a bun with bangs, I truly truly do, but I think it will look too severe with that neckline. Like Victorian instead of a modern take on Victorian. I think the Michelle Williams inspiration would be gorgeous. Alternately, I think a half up half down look would be fabulous, especially if your hair could go wavy or curly. Or even completely down. A girl on Weddingbee (I know, I know) did the top knot with bangs and looked fantastic, though she had a lower neckline. Maybe if you can find those pictures it will help you envision it.

  2. This might sound lame, but I strongly suggest having someone else do your hair that day unless you’ve practiced and can do it in your sleep and know your hair will behave. It’s one bit of stress gone from you, ya know? Do you have a friend who is good at hair?

    Your dress is glorious!!

    My suggestion is: How do you look with your bangs curled away, like so: ?

  3. Rachelle: I know what you been abt too severe. I don’t want it to be governess-y. You don’t think hair down would be too messy/in the way of that neckline? It’s not a halter, it’s high in the back too. I am digging the casualness of down, like this wedding:

    Zan & Jo: Thanks for the Joanna Goddard/Gibson Girl direction. I’m kind of digging all the tutorials. My hair responds to things like this for sure: Cause this is what I do every day:

  4. My hair is exactly like yours! Fine and slippery. Doesn’t hold shape to save my life.

    I think the key is to make sure the hair pulled back into the bun isn’t too tight. That’s what makes you look younger. I know it’s hard with our kind of hair, loose tends to fall out. But I think if you make sure it isn’t shellacked against your head, it’ll look super cute.

  5. So I’m a bit late here (why was your blog not in my reader? that’s fixed now), but going to jump in anyway.

    I agree with Bunny … it’s the tightness that’s making you look so young and severe. When your hair is loose it’s damn cute. So I think what you’re looking for is a loose “messy” bun.

    How does your hair respond to overnight braiding or rolling? If it gives it some texture, I’d say try that out and see if it doesn’t make it easier to keep everything in place.

  6. Thanks for the analysis Bunny & Sarah – I think you guys are spot on. (And I feel your pain , Bunny. Yours looked so cute–and perfect for the dress–short!)

    Overnight braiding/rolling does help my hair hold a bit of a shape, but it also gets oily fast enough that showering the nite before isn’t so great. What might work though would be to shower early in the AM and leave it in braids until I do it around 1pm…

    Now I’m kind of freaked about getting the bangs cuts again though! I know there are ways of pulling them back at the last minute, but it is a commitment… Think I have a serious excuse to spend time playing with my hair this weekend.

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