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Wedding : My Face

Now that our invites are in the mail (what what), I’m hoping for a vague return to focusing on more than one thing at a time, including this blog.


Today I really need your help and input.


Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to have a patch allergy test to help to determine why my face looks like this:


P1000036-1 What? It was Christmas, a new camera, and “funhouse” settings…


And I really just don’t feel like dealing with this on top of everything else right now and am probably going to cancel.


The redness and tiny bumps that sometimes turn into tiny pimples started at the beginning of 2007, about six months after I moved back to NY. By May, it had spread from one cheek to both, and a little while later the bridge of my nose joined in.


I thought it was the shitty air in the bar I worked at, or the shitty air in Scott’s apartment, but by 2008 I had left both and the redness stayed.


In 2009, I finally got health insurance and my ass to a dermatologist, who has since been throwing lotions and creams at me with little to no effects.


At one point I had a blood test for allergies, and the positive result for dust mites seemed to answer the question. The house was a mess and we had quite a bit of organizing/cleaning to do. I know dust makes me sneezy, but hypo-allergic bedding and lots of cleaning in the past  hasn’t made a lick of difference in my face.


Recently I stole Scott’s acne medicines, and actually saw some improvement, and so got my own Rx for it. This was when the derm suggested a patch test. It consists of missing 2 half days of work for them to affix my entire back with testing patches and tape (which I am definitely allergic to) for 48 hours in the middle of the hottest, muggiest summer I can remember where I can’t shower or “sweat it off.” Even if an allergen is found that means I’d have just 7 weeks to figure out how to avoid it and maybe see some results…


Or I can just actually wear makeup on my wedding day.


I know there was some conversation on Twitter about good, green, beauty products that flew right over my head, so if someone could direct me to any of those suggestions, or their own ideas for redness reduction, they would be my face’s personal hero.


Thanks ladies, and know that those of you who also have skin conditions—I’ve seen your pics and they’ve given me great hope.


  1. Solidarity. My skin issues are not like yours, so I won’t even attempt a guess. But I have frequent odd skin things that no one can pin point. Including the Giant Back Acne Flare Up of 2011, right before my wedding. Solidarity.

  2. KA

    @Ms. Bunny – I remember. Major solidarity. I had nothing helpful to say, bc like you said, different issues but definitely understand.

    @Zan – No idea what it is. You’d think the derm with all his awards and 3 month wait for an appt would. The acne med works the best at getting rid of it, but I’ve heard seborrhic and contact dermatitis, rosacea, and acne thrown around. I rescheduled the allergy test for Nov, and if there isn’t an answer from that, time for a 2nd opinion.

    @Trisha – Thanks! Will definitely check them out.

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