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Trying to squeeze massive amounts of post-honeymoon laundry back into my closet, resulted in some feeble attempts at an equally massive wardrobe purge.

Since the cold hard reality of having to bring all the crap we collected and brought to the wedding back to our house, I’ve been feeling purge-y. Most days I just want to throw it ALL out. These thoughts line up nicely with Operation Work from Home (more on that later), as the super scary final bedroom of crap needs to be cleaned out to make room for my office/warehouse.

BUT, and this is a big one—I know myself. And I know I, despite every tip I have ever read in a magazine, I will regret throwing out something and it’ll be crushing. And life will go on and all of that, but it will feel like a little piece of my heart ended up in the trash. I will end up crying over a coconut. (Yes, that has actually happened, but it’s another story for another day.)

Sooo…instead of tossing out all my clothes, I’m declaring a moratorium on buying new ones. I was bad last year, I had disposable income for the first time in a long time, I was able to pay for a wedding and a honeymoon and clothes and shoes and bags, dammit.


Except now there are other things I want more. Like some money in the bank. The missing pieces that will make our house complete—like a kitchen. Lots more traveling.

So I’m limiting my purchases to things I have been wanting for quite some time—like a sweater I almost bought 3 times on Swirl that’s now half price on Ebay, or things that are super functional and will improve my day-to-day life—like maybe some new winter boots.

My goal is to wean myself down to a third of my previous monthly spending over the next few months.

And ideally, shopping my closet will make me face up to what I do love and what I really, truthfully, would never ever miss.

And then it will look less like this…


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