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Weekend : Asking for it.


Fiat 500 me and the Fiat500. getting to it, getting to it…


As we have previously discussed, I have a jest a touch of social anxiety.




For example, the other day at work my boss offhandedly mentioned needing to get in touch with the building dog-walker because the friend that was cat sitting for her over the holidays would be away for a few days around Christmas. A few hours later I happened to be in the lobby waiting for the elevator when I overheard a dog walker arrive and mention filling in for the regular guy. Now a normal person would’ve easily walked over to her and asked about getting her or the regular guy’s contact info.


And so for 5 minutes I was a normal person.


Because I did just that.


And that was HUGE for me. Seriously, embarrassingly huge. I was beaming proud of myself for a half an hour.


It’s like, which is more embarrassing, right? Approaching a stranger being a huge deal, or wanting to tell everyone I know that I had the courage to approach a stranger?!


But in all seriousness, I realized that recognizing/acknowledging my achievement as such, was huge in and of itself. What I more often do is berate myself for being such a wuss—regardless of whether I take action or remain frozen with fear. So yea, apparently mental congratulations are apparently way more rewarding and motivating.


Because not two days later did I get even gutsier.


We were going away for the weekend on Friday, and on Thursday morning I looked out the window from the train at the parked cars and idly wondered to myself, Wouldn’t it be awesome if our rental car was a Mini Cooper…or EVEN BETTER, my personal reachable dream car, a FIAT 500?!


Well, as the Universe would have it, we roll up to Enterprise the next morning and sitting in the parking lot is a shiny white Fiat 500. Scott and I both ogle in unison and wonder aloud if it could possibly be a rental. He is convinced it belongs to a person.


“I’m asking,” I announce.


It has suddenly become glaringly obvious that it doesn’t really matter if the car is a rental or if we can rent it. (Though in my heart I’m already convinced it’s there for me and me alone.) What matters is KNOWING if the car is a rental or not. I knew I had to ask because the thought of sitting through a 3 hour drive upstate in a Ford Focus wondering if we could’ve been in a Fiat 500 was just unbearable.


And so we went inside and the second sentence out of my mouth might have been, “So, is the Fiat yours and if so, is it available?”


And you know what, ladies and gentleman [hi Scott], IT WAS.




My question was greeted by a room full of grinning women (it’s a whole nother story about why I was happy to be in a room full of women but suffice it to say that a previous Enterprise rep who made fun of myself and my friends for chatting about a Fiat 500 3 years ago is something I’m still angry about), that were over the moon about renting me the Fiat.


And so we took the little lady for the weekend, and were honestly just as happy with her comfort and driving skills as we had hoped to be—but I’ll save the car review for another time.


And then, because I am on a fucking roll here people, I asked if it was possible to request the Fiat for our next rental New Year’s weekend. And it was noted in my reservation.


And THEN, between drafting this last nite and posting it tonite, I totally grabbed yet-to-be-stocked polenta out of a carton in Trader Joe’s because I wanted it for dinner, and dammit if they’d yet to put it in the freezer case.


Apparently, I’m breaking all the rules here people, so just try and stop me.


our little buddy


  1. That’s seriously awesome – especially about the dog walker. For some reason that’s the kind of scenario that can cause me to freeze solid because I have to approach someone out of the blue. So congrats and hope you can keep this roll rolling!

  2. KA

    Thanks Nina. That’s exactly it–I actually recently read about how some people’s brains are quick to process things like that (like ppl who respond well in emergencies) and others…aren’t. I definitely know which I am.

    And Bunny – they have pretty great driving abilities for a tiny car! I’d compare it to the “new” Beetle. (I’ve never driven in a Mini so maybe that too?) It feels solid despite its size, has decent pickup, and handles well. Unlike our dying Corolla you barely have to move the wheel and the whole car moves. The turning radius is hilarious–you can make a u turn just about anywhere. And parking is pretty easy, haha. Although we somehow still managed to almost get blocked in in a parking lot!

  3. Zan

    Own that shiz! I have (perhaps too) little shame so you might say I have the exact opposite problem. Anyway, I hope this heralds a great new confident era for you. Here’s to 2012!!

  4. KA

    Thanks guys!

    I would venture to say, Zan, that there’s no such thing as too little shame. I have tons of friends that are like that, and while it might create a few awkward moments, it usually gets them exactly what they want and crazy adventures to boot. Keeping your mouth shut is good when you’re a student (pre-college), a daughter, and/or a ballet dancer–3 things I once excelled at but no longer am!

  5. I can relate to this – I do this sometimes, think too long and hard about such things, things other people just DO, and then talk myself out of it or miss the opportunity.

    @Ms. Bunny – I have a Mini Cooper (got it in ’04), and while it has other issues, it does handle really well… sounds similar to the Fiat. When we bought it, the salesman took us for a test drive and did crazy-tight doughnuts in the parking lot until we got dizzy, LOL. He also said, “If you can’t parallel park this car, you shouldn’t be driving.” 😉

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