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Words from my desktop, circa January.

It’s not entirely untrue, although it’s almost June. I am, after all, relaunching this.

Other stuff has been coming along, slowly, as everything that isn’t instantaneous is.

My words and goals for 2014 are HABITS and SYSTEMS. As in, I want more of those in the everyday so that the THINKING and DECIDING can be saved for the stuff that matters.

More on all of this, as this small corner of the world where I can do and be All the Things at once unfolds.

Here’s what’s happening in my life right now:

acting : Last fall I was in a short written and directed by the marvelous Alix Bannon, and the existence (dare I say success?!) of that has motivated me to get my act together and get headshots and cobble together a website. Simultaneously, I’m also working on a web series and a small workshop of a play. goals : actor website. maybe take another class? look into this whole audition and be a real actor thing.
businessI’m working more than ever right now, which is nothing to complain about. The money comes in faster, but the other stuff gets done slower. I’m learning a ton, and planning to organize my copious collection of books, podcasts, and webinars so I can learn even more without that feeling of drowning in the internet.
goals : experiment with hiring a very PT assistant. find the time and energy to get one just more work project off the ground.
food and health : This is one place the systems and habits come in. I’ve been cooking more and I enjoy it, but sometimes it feels like a huge time suck. Sometimes just eating feels like a time suck. goals : Finally conquer meal planning, and develop systems and habits around eating, exercise, meditation.
home : We just wrapped up a massive renovation project, and S insisted we take a break before plowing forward with other things. There is still SO much purging I could do. goals : PURGING. kitchen. front garden. back garden. ugh.
style : Speaking of purging. Sometimes I feel like our bedroom is a clothing management center with a bed in it. Sometimes I feel like a sizable chunk of my life is devoted to clothing management. goals : Do something about the above?
thoughts : I have them. About kids/no kids, goals, feminism, dreams, life.
travel : A very brief getaway is in our future. After that, who knows. It’s like when you have money saved to go shopping and there’s nothing to buy and you just lose interest.