After spending my formative years in a monastic pursuit to become a professional ballet dancer, I flat out refused to commit to a career path. [Sorry architecture scholarships.] Instead,  I spent the early noughties scraping together a BA from USC in “SocialScienceswithanemphasisinHistory” with minors in Business, Architecture and Film; and working in theater management, set design, and real estate.

I first heard the word dilettante when a guest speaker told my production design class that a production designer must be a jack of all trades—writer/director/historian/interior designer/general contractor/project manager/accountant. BINGO. Disillusioned with the film industry after having to chase down payments from productions like Janet Jackson music videos [true story], I’m not longer an art department slave, but I am still all those other things.

The discerning was because alliteration [duh], and in honor of champagne tastes on a shoestring budget. As soon as I was old enough to flip pages, Condé Nast Traveler and the New York Times Style Magazine were the literal source of what I thought life was going to look like. That might not be exactly true [right now], but the discernment is still strong is this one.

After six years in LA, I came back to to NY, met and married the love of my life, but never got the memo that grown-ups only have one job. After years of managing the businesses of several creative entrepreneurs—a little bird told me that WAS my job, and a business as a business manager was born.

When not juggling a half dozen other people’s businesses, I can be found doing the even funner stuff like acting, renovating the house I grew up in, and planning hypothetical travel adventures. I [re]started this blog to have a corner of the world where all the dilettante-ness comes together in one place, and to share all the life skillz wisdom I’m constantly bombarding my friends with.

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