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Acting : In the Act Web Series

Back in 2010, I took my first acting class.

I dragged S along with me to an adult continuing ed class at SVA. My reason for being there, as I shared in that first class, was that I had been a dancer for ages, and always wondered about acting. Even though I knew I couldn’t commit to joining drama, I had habitually tried out for school plays just because I liked reading scenes and monologues for a couple of afternoons. I wondered, but never did anything about it, out of the fear that I might actually be madly in love with something my mother insisted would never pay the bils. My hunch was right.

Another reason, I shared much later, when our teacher had become a mentor and friend, was that I thought acting might an outlet for my super emotional self to not recklessly bleed those extra emotions all of my real life. It did.

In previous brushes with acting classes I had never gotten past exercises that involved animal noises, and we found the SVA class to thankfully be not that. Instead of populated with unfulfilled high school theater geeks or even eccentric retirees, we found a small handful of persons not dissimilar to ourselves—creative youngish people who had just never tried learning acting before.

One of those persons was Carlos.

[This is the part where the Argentine Benny Hill that he is would insert a trademark photo of his face photoshopped on Siegfried or Roy’s body.]

Carlos is a doer, and he’s done America Loves Carlos, and now In the Act, a “behind-the-scenes” web series, where we get to play with genre and general silliness. A while back I helped shoot S’s first appearance, on Episode 4, spending a Saturday afternoon in a tiny rented studio pressing the record button. Apparently that was enough to qualify for a camera credit.

In today’s episode episode I’m in front of the camera. And also behind it. Probably just watch it.

Watch em both below, or go here and watch in order from the beginning.
(Which will only take 10 minutes.)

IN THE ACT – EPISODE 5 – Creeping Out The Talent

IN THE ACT – EPISODE 4 – A Cool Spanish Guy 

intheact_44 intheact_42