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So up until now this blog has been kinda… superficial.


I promise I do actually have deep thoughts.


The problem with posting them is that I’m a completely compulsive over-editor. I could edit and edit and edit, spend hours on a sentence… I find it strangely cathartic and relaxing, knowing full well there is no right answer, that it’s possible to continue shaping and changing the words indefinitely…


But I’m going to start saying "when" and just posting stuff.



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To Buy or Not to Buy: I have a party dress problem.


Since I didn’t go shopping yesterday on Black Friday (I’ll post about what I did do tomorrow when all is said and done), I figured I’d write about shopping instead.


Or more specifically, my party dress addiction.


My reasoning for such is twofold:


1) Party dresses are adorable and fabulous.


2) When it comes to styling myself, I am really, really lazy. A great outfit that consists of exactly one item? SOLD.


I usually try to avoid even trying on such things to prevent myself from spending money on something I’ll wear once to a wedding, and secretly wish I had some kind of job (seat filler? hostessing at a schmancy restaurant? escort?) that I could wear it to all the time.


So this time when I wandered into H&M and wanted to buy every $50 party dress in the place, I decided to try a new approach.


Only photos were taken home with me. đŸ˜‰


DSCF0894This one was my favorite, although it really looks terrible in the picture.

I swear it didn’t make my torso look that freakishly short (although it is)…


DSCF0899Love all things one-shouldered…

(Sorry, I haven’t mastered self-portraiture yet)


DSCF0902Love the color, love the whole Grecian thing, and yet…

I don’t love this dress.

I don’t think I can pull off maxi dresses…


DSCF0906Nope, I definitely can’t.

(Anyone notice how totally Blossom the dress/boots look is?!)



I thought for sure this one was going to be the one that was hard to let go.

But WOW, where’d my boobs go? I promise they were there before and after wearing this dress. Not huge, mind you, but there.


DSCF0910LOVE this one.

And I do not usually go for the shoulder thing.

But it really does balance out the top and bottom.

That Adrian was on to something.