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Wedding : Hair

All right ladies, I don’t have time to fuck around. I need help. #TBCB help. Too many decisions, too little time, too much to think about.




So I got it in my head that my dress, which nods to Gibson Girl/Edwardian-ish-ness, would be perfect with a soft, high bun and bangs. I’ve been growing them out since the winter, but I was kind of counting on cutting them.


Without giving the dress totally away (Scott, turn back), here is kind of an idea of what it would look like (albeit with less messy, overgrown bangs):






So then, I was gathering pics of me with bangs last winter, and I wasn’t too thrilled with what I saw. Sigh. Most of the pics were of me in hats, so that’s not too helpful.


Sometimes they look cute:




Sometimes I look 9 years old:


badbangs No, srsly, what’s up with Mayim Bialik in the middle picture?


It’s been a loooong time since I last had to whip up an updo. Like senior prom.


SOOO, if I don’t get bangs – what do I do? I’m pretty confident I can put my hair in a bun, but more than that with all the other shit I’ve got going on that day? Not so sure.


Here’s some of my hair inspiration:




Wow guys, thanks for the opinions, which sadly have served to confuse me more. Some more background. Sadly, I don’t have the hair/makeup savvy friend, and I don’t have the budget to hire anyone, not to mention I’ve never met a stylist who doesn’t overestimate my hair—but despite all this, I’m still considering finding one ASAP.


This thing is, my hair is super fine, super straight and super slippery. Graceful wisps, and tousled curls, and basically anything soft and like an actual Gibson Girl (which I know, is perfect) needs professional help. Except  the professionals never believe that unless they shellac the shit out of it, my hair will only hold a curl or a style for a half hour.


I probably should’ve picked a dress around my hippy hair.


I did some quick and dirty messing with it in case that influences anyone.






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Wedding : My Face

Now that our invites are in the mail (what what), I’m hoping for a vague return to focusing on more than one thing at a time, including this blog.


Today I really need your help and input.


Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to have a patch allergy test to help to determine why my face looks like this:


P1000036-1 What? It was Christmas, a new camera, and “funhouse” settings…


And I really just don’t feel like dealing with this on top of everything else right now and am probably going to cancel.


The redness and tiny bumps that sometimes turn into tiny pimples started at the beginning of 2007, about six months after I moved back to NY. By May, it had spread from one cheek to both, and a little while later the bridge of my nose joined in.


I thought it was the shitty air in the bar I worked at, or the shitty air in Scott’s apartment, but by 2008 I had left both and the redness stayed.


In 2009, I finally got health insurance and my ass to a dermatologist, who has since been throwing lotions and creams at me with little to no effects.


At one point I had a blood test for allergies, and the positive result for dust mites seemed to answer the question. The house was a mess and we had quite a bit of organizing/cleaning to do. I know dust makes me sneezy, but hypo-allergic bedding and lots of cleaning in the past  hasn’t made a lick of difference in my face.


Recently I stole Scott’s acne medicines, and actually saw some improvement, and so got my own Rx for it. This was when the derm suggested a patch test. It consists of missing 2 half days of work for them to affix my entire back with testing patches and tape (which I am definitely allergic to) for 48 hours in the middle of the hottest, muggiest summer I can remember where I can’t shower or “sweat it off.” Even if an allergen is found that means I’d have just 7 weeks to figure out how to avoid it and maybe see some results…


Or I can just actually wear makeup on my wedding day.


I know there was some conversation on Twitter about good, green, beauty products that flew right over my head, so if someone could direct me to any of those suggestions, or their own ideas for redness reduction, they would be my face’s personal hero.


Thanks ladies, and know that those of you who also have skin conditions—I’ve seen your pics and they’ve given me great hope.

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Theme of the Day, or Month, or Year…

I don’t really believe in coincidences.


Eons ago, I did a blog for a few months where I tracked those random things that would pop up in clusters. Sudden frequent references to flugelhorns, or talking mice, or the French Revolution.


sfh-300GRhires1mice_friends travel-france-pic-liberte

It was uncanny. And of course recording it seemed to breed it. I’m sure one could argue it has something to do with cosmic energy or the Law of Attraction, but regardless why, I know it happens. And when the material of the coincidences is weighty, I know to pay attention.


Well that’s what’s been happening a lot over the last few months, and dear god, now that 2011 is here, things are really adding up.


First Mondo Beyondo, then Brené Brown, kept coming up places like APW, and then it was suddenly everywhere. Money, self-worth, values, martyrdom, all things that were discussed on APW became huge lessons to be learned in real life. I started reading Smart Couples Finish Rich…had a huge value-related breakthrough, but switched gears when I found Tim Ferriss, and then through him, I Will Teach You to Be Rich. But now I’m taking Mondo Beyondo, and guess what we’re talking about? Values.


Full circle, weirdly-connected internet/real-world world.


This all has prompted me to create myself a 2011 syllabus where I will explore all these people and their writing and philosophies with the intent of carving out my own little life philosophy, and finishing up all the work I’ve been doing on myself for the last 2 years. I think really knowing myself and who I want to be while I’m still a few years shy of the big 30 is as admirable as a PhD, so there you go. (Not to say I’m not totally going for the PhD sooner rather than later.)


So I will be spending the next few months reading, and thinking, and dreaming, and hustling. And writing. I plan to accomplish one heavy thinking post (based on a little prompt I create in my syllabus) each week. 🙂


And I still have some of 2010 to recap too…