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Thoughts : Blogging

“Today I thought about blogging about one-sentence synopses of what I thought about blogging about today.”

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 4:05 PM, KA wrote:

exactly! i might just start doing this with my blog…
“Today I thought about blogging about one-sentence synopses of what I thought about blogging about today.”
or is that too meta?

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 4:03 PM, Aimee wrote:

perfect. I would read it, since it wouldnt take a ton of time to read, its a blog for the busy folks.

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 4:02 PM, KA wrote:

Bwah. Let’s just start a blog that says, “today i thought about blogging XX” and that’s it.

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 3:58 PM, Aimee wrote:

Its the thought that counts.

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 3:54 PM, KA wrote:

Ugh. I *thought* abt blogging the other day, does that count?

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Wedding : Complete

Keriann & Scott 0026 © Jimena Roquero Photography (c) Jimena Roquero Photography


Today our wedding was featured on our fantastic photographer’s blog!


I think this might just be the kick in the pants I needed to continue blogging about it.


Who knows what you’ll see here tomorrow.


(Something, though, I promise something.)

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I’m back.



Leave it to me to (half-assedly) plan posts for our honeymoon, and then totally disappear upon our return.




My absence has been the combination of a lot of things: exhaustion, sickness—but mostly an avoidance of all things wedding. I have a lot left to say about the wedding, but I’m not quite sure how to manage to say it.


But as far as the life of this blog outside wedding goes, here’s the deal:


As I observed several lovely ladies I admire struggle with the direction of their blog post-wedding, I put some thought into what I wanted to do with mine and formulated a plan.


When I started blogging (embarrassingly long ago, and very very slowly), this place was not so much wedding-oriented, as my mind was not so much wedding-focused, and so I should like to go back to that.


I’ve got lots of big ideas. And now, post-wedding, I have the time and the nerve to get going on some of them and I’d like to use this place as a laboratory for that. Some may never get off the ground, and others may eventually need their own space, but this is as good a place as any to start.


But more than that, I want to continue breaking down blog pretty.


Allow me to illustrate what I mean with an example.




A few days after we got back from Italy, I dragged Scott to the beach because it was allegedly the last warm weekend of summer (on October 8th), I was feeling crappy that we didn’t spend enough time sunbathing on the trip, and was excited that now we have free time to DO THINGS like go to the beach that’s all of ten minutes from our house.


It was late afternoon and getting chilly, but I kind of wanted to see the sun set, so I dawdled, reading and people-watching until us and the fishermen were the last people left on the beach. Eventually I could no longer pretend it wasn’t freezing or the sunset wasn’t blinding (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sunset or sunrise without a single cloud in the sky), and we packed up and headed towards the car.




But as we were walking, the sun and light and waves aligned, and magic happened. We both dropped everything and got our cameras out. Planes and birds created picture perfect streaks through the cloudless sky. I went and dipped my toes in and the air was so cold the ocean felt warm. The view was so endless I remembered how one once could see the Twin Towers.



I think the pictures I took are more magical than anything from the wedding or honeymoon combined. BUT. What they don’t show is how my fingers and toes were purple from the cold. Or how sadly I hobbled across the asphalt parking lot because I couldn’t put  my shoes yet due to my sandy feet. Or how the fishermen looked at us funny. And then one peed.




Blogs and internet life in general can have a tendency to omit those things in favor of the pretty. I like the pretty an awful, but the real helps me sleep at night. My favorite posts to write have been the guttingly [not a word but I like it] honest ones where I said scary things and people chimed in and said, “Me too!”


So there will be more of where that came from—“Deep discussions from wedding planning past” and no doubt current discussions from marriage living present. There will be pretty—the new rugs I bought months ago! And practical—a rundown of [pretty] shoes for endless walking in Europe!


And much much more, as I enjoy having the time to read, learn, absorb, and live again.



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Theme of the Day, or Month, or Year…

I don’t really believe in coincidences.


Eons ago, I did a blog for a few months where I tracked those random things that would pop up in clusters. Sudden frequent references to flugelhorns, or talking mice, or the French Revolution.


sfh-300GRhires1mice_friends travel-france-pic-liberte

It was uncanny. And of course recording it seemed to breed it. I’m sure one could argue it has something to do with cosmic energy or the Law of Attraction, but regardless why, I know it happens. And when the material of the coincidences is weighty, I know to pay attention.


Well that’s what’s been happening a lot over the last few months, and dear god, now that 2011 is here, things are really adding up.


First Mondo Beyondo, then Brené Brown, kept coming up places like APW, and then it was suddenly everywhere. Money, self-worth, values, martyrdom, all things that were discussed on APW became huge lessons to be learned in real life. I started reading Smart Couples Finish Rich…had a huge value-related breakthrough, but switched gears when I found Tim Ferriss, and then through him, I Will Teach You to Be Rich. But now I’m taking Mondo Beyondo, and guess what we’re talking about? Values.


Full circle, weirdly-connected internet/real-world world.


This all has prompted me to create myself a 2011 syllabus where I will explore all these people and their writing and philosophies with the intent of carving out my own little life philosophy, and finishing up all the work I’ve been doing on myself for the last 2 years. I think really knowing myself and who I want to be while I’m still a few years shy of the big 30 is as admirable as a PhD, so there you go. (Not to say I’m not totally going for the PhD sooner rather than later.)


So I will be spending the next few months reading, and thinking, and dreaming, and hustling. And writing. I plan to accomplish one heavy thinking post (based on a little prompt I create in my syllabus) each week. 🙂


And I still have some of 2010 to recap too…

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What I’m doing these days…

(Because I don’t really travel that much, that’s just what I get off my ass and blog about…)



1) Finding and emailing every potential beach wedding venue this side of the Jersey Shore…

[this one’s blissfully all wrapped up, but I’m leaving it as a reminder of how long it takes me to finish a blog entry.]


2) Designing a kitchen we can’t afford…


3) Watching tv, especially HGTV with which I’m hoping our snark can be one day be turned into a blog…


4) Entering the last 3 years of financial data into quicken…


5) Online shopping


6) Lots of personal reflection/growth time (including Mondo Beyondo, tons of books, and APW’s well-timed things to think about)…


7) [Mostly avoiding] Selling off the contents of my house on Etsy and Ebay


8) Squeezing in some kind of exercise in the increasingly colder and darker days…

[thanks Jackie Warner for lighting a fire under my ass this summer]


9) Taking an acting class…


10) And trying to write this damn blog.

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The endless possibilities of wedding planning…



bjpc: betsey johnson spring 2009 via popsugar 

It’s no secret that I’ve been engaged for months (years?) now. And I dabbled from the beginning in wedding blogland, but it was hard to really get into wedding planning when I wasn’t sure if I was actually engaged.

And then after the "official" engagement the overwhelmed-ness kicked in. I joined and fled from the Kn*t. I secretly vowed to read every Wedding Bee’s entries. (And, uh, failed.) I looked at every one of Snippet & Ink’s Inspiration boards. I started a Tumblr to collect pretty pictures.

I thought my perfect wedding was out there, it was just a matter of looking for it in enough places. Like monkeys typing Shakespeare.

And so I didn’t really plan/decide/narrow down anything. Because there is just sosososososososososo much good stuff, I want it all! I want the destination wedding, the beach wedding, the barn wedding, the city loft wedding. I want the short dress, the tea length dress, the ballgown. I want to go to city hall and I want to elope to the English countryside.


I am not what you call a naturally decisive person.

And then I found A Practical Wedding. And yes, I did read every post from the beginning. But this time it was totally necessary. Because these posts restored my sanity, instead of deepening the planning paralysis.

And it was agonizing to narrow down the previously unlimited (ok, I’m not made of money, so somewhat limited) wedding possibilities, but we did it. Eventually.