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Style : Work

Check out those demon eyes. Clearly I was born to be doing this, right?

Like the internet needs another person blogging photos of their outfits. Ugh, I hate myself already.

Yesterday was my first day working from home (and by working I mean supervising movers and figuring out how to squeeze all my crap into my 10′ x11′ office), and I figured I’d celebrate by documenting my last week of leaving-the-house clothes. (Ok, if you’ve been following the weather in NY you’ll notice it was my technically my second to last week’s wardrobe.) Obviously, I’m already getting SO much DONE. 

It was actually oddly fun and relaxing taking these by myself with a tripod. Click 10 sec timer, try to look fierce, fail miserably, repeat. I might make this a regular thing to motivate myself to continue dressing thoughtfully. (Even if it’s just in one of FOUR pairs of Uniqlo legging pants I just bought. They’re seriously that awesome. Work from home pants, what what.)

I was pretty proud of this week’s outfits, especially in light of the unseasonably cold temperatures (I don’t know how to dress for 70’s) and fact that I’ve been doing a lot of manual labor at work. There’s a solid color scheme going on, and I think this would make for an excellent vacation wardrobe, as it all can be mixed and matched and repeated ad infinitum.

This is the face of someone who’s not usually productive before 9am.
Top: Target?
Shorts: Express
Shoes: Keds
Outtake, ftw. Unless you enjoy my fiercely stressed out face.
Pants: Target
Hoodie: H&M
Shoes: Toms
Scarf: Target
This one does not photograph well. I’d like a do over with some skinny white jeans.
White shirt: Converse for Target
Tank: for Target
Pants: H&M
What is this, FashionToast? Look at that pose. I clearly think I’m on ANTM. My first serious attempting at mixing prints. I think it’s working. God I love purple and persimmon.
Onesie: Express
Scarf: Target
Belt: NineWest via TJMaxx
Shoes: Keds
Bag: PradaP1030537
 P1030542 More intense modeling.
Skirt: Vintage, my mom.
Tube: I don’t remember
V-neck: Express.


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Style : Moratorium

Trying to squeeze massive amounts of post-honeymoon laundry back into my closet, resulted in some feeble attempts at an equally massive wardrobe purge.

Since the cold hard reality of having to bring all the crap we collected and brought to the wedding back to our house, I’ve been feeling purge-y. Most days I just want to throw it ALL out. These thoughts line up nicely with Operation Work from Home (more on that later), as the super scary final bedroom of crap needs to be cleaned out to make room for my office/warehouse.

BUT, and this is a big one—I know myself. And I know I, despite every tip I have ever read in a magazine, I will regret throwing out something and it’ll be crushing. And life will go on and all of that, but it will feel like a little piece of my heart ended up in the trash. I will end up crying over a coconut. (Yes, that has actually happened, but it’s another story for another day.)

Sooo…instead of tossing out all my clothes, I’m declaring a moratorium on buying new ones. I was bad last year, I had disposable income for the first time in a long time, I was able to pay for a wedding and a honeymoon and clothes and shoes and bags, dammit.


Except now there are other things I want more. Like some money in the bank. The missing pieces that will make our house complete—like a kitchen. Lots more traveling.

So I’m limiting my purchases to things I have been wanting for quite some time—like a sweater I almost bought 3 times on Swirl that’s now half price on Ebay, or things that are super functional and will improve my day-to-day life—like maybe some new winter boots.

My goal is to wean myself down to a third of my previous monthly spending over the next few months.

And ideally, shopping my closet will make me face up to what I do love and what I really, truthfully, would never ever miss.

And then it will look less like this…


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Style Mentor : Kate



pc: whowhatwear


Sometimes I wear things that are a little…"risky"? Winter shorts was one of these. I tried this look back in October, felt like I was getting stared at (not in a good way), and abandoned it. Ugh, I need to stop listening to that feeling. If Kate can wear it, so can I. Stay tuned for when I try again, which probably won’t be until March when there’s less than a foot of snow on the ground.

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Black & White & Yellow All Over, Cashmere Edition

So I finally (16 months later) caved. Apparently $69 + shipping & tax on Ideeli was cheap enough to make me a cashmere convert.



And, oh my god, was I ever converted.


Being as broke as I generally have been, I’ve never bought myself cashmere I have a couple cashmere/partial-cashmere hand-me-downs. But man, are they nothing like KnitWit. It’s like wearing a hug, I swear to god.



DSCF1057knitwit hoodie, victoria’s secret pima cotton turtleneck tunic, jcrew pearls, yellow puffer jacket courtesy of my late mother & sears circa the ’70s, american apparel circle scarf, jeans from charlotte russe


I’ll probably usually ignore the yellow accents on the hoodie, but for its first outing I choose to embrace them, and the results happily reminded me of this wedding, visually one of my favorites:



Next up, actively preventing myself for blowing my savings on KnitWit hoodies…

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To Buy or Not to Buy: I have a party dress problem.


Since I didn’t go shopping yesterday on Black Friday (I’ll post about what I did do tomorrow when all is said and done), I figured I’d write about shopping instead.


Or more specifically, my party dress addiction.


My reasoning for such is twofold:


1) Party dresses are adorable and fabulous.


2) When it comes to styling myself, I am really, really lazy. A great outfit that consists of exactly one item? SOLD.


I usually try to avoid even trying on such things to prevent myself from spending money on something I’ll wear once to a wedding, and secretly wish I had some kind of job (seat filler? hostessing at a schmancy restaurant? escort?) that I could wear it to all the time.


So this time when I wandered into H&M and wanted to buy every $50 party dress in the place, I decided to try a new approach.


Only photos were taken home with me. 😉


DSCF0894This one was my favorite, although it really looks terrible in the picture.

I swear it didn’t make my torso look that freakishly short (although it is)…


DSCF0899Love all things one-shouldered…

(Sorry, I haven’t mastered self-portraiture yet)


DSCF0902Love the color, love the whole Grecian thing, and yet…

I don’t love this dress.

I don’t think I can pull off maxi dresses…


DSCF0906Nope, I definitely can’t.

(Anyone notice how totally Blossom the dress/boots look is?!)



I thought for sure this one was going to be the one that was hard to let go.

But WOW, where’d my boobs go? I promise they were there before and after wearing this dress. Not huge, mind you, but there.


DSCF0910LOVE this one.

And I do not usually go for the shoulder thing.

But it really does balance out the top and bottom.

That Adrian was on to something.