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Wedding : Guestbook

Less than two weeks and insane pre-wedding insanity reigns strong over here. That, and massive decision fatigue. So I need more of your opinions! Today’s topic is guestbooks!


Which option is your favorite?


1) The postcard guestbook.

My existing collection of postcards get written on and tossed into a vintage suitcase.

Difficulty Level: 1 – We have all these things already.


pc: R P Scissors


2) The greeting card guestbook.

My grandparents collection of vintage greeting cards get written on and tossed into a vintage suitcase.

Difficulty Level: 2 – We have everything, but I’ll need to go through the cards and pick out appropriate ones? If there even are that many blanks/anniversary cards. Is it too awkward to have a Christmas card guestbook? Yes? Okay.


 3postcards pc: Gardening by Trial and Error


3) The Shutterfly-esque guestbook.

I spend a couple hours sticking our engagement photos in a template and have it printed. It probably won’t look nearly as good as Rachelle’s does below.

Difficulty Level: 3 – Will take a few hours to create.


305740556 pc: Oh Deerio! 
Yay Rachelle!


4) The poster guestbook.

Scott designs a poster based on our invites, etc. and everyone can sign.

Difficulty Level: 4 – He has to design this, and then we have to get it printed somewhere because it’s too late to have it screenprinted now.



pc: A Practical Wedding: Danielle & Matt



Okay… go, comment!

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Wedding : Immersion

Fullscreen capture 7292011 124556 AM 

This is how I feel almost every waking moment of the day.


I think it’s high time to admit that the wedding has taken over my life, as well as this blog.


At less than two months out, I don’t think that this is unreasonable.


But I’m still trying not to give in, I’m still trying to plan drink dates, and evenings on the town, and we are thisclose to buying tickets to see Bill Bailey two days before our wedding.






On the blog front, I feel a bit like I’m drowning. There’s dozens of half-written posts floating around in my head… and in my drafts folder… in Evernote… on my phone… I’ve totally the lost the planned-a-week-in-advance editorial calendar I had grasped briefly somewhere around mid-June.


But on the other hand, the slight panic that has set in about how much there is to do and how little time to do it in has launched me into super get-it-done mode. 


Tasks are getting crammed into every waking moment that isn’t occupied with vital functions like eating, sleeping, showering, working, or daydreaming about our honeymoon (in the name of blog research).


I’m not sure what the point of saying this is, other than yea, that’s what I’ve got going on.


Hopefully this coming solid weekend of at-home productivity—after the last two weekends of reunions and day trips—will get me back on track with this here blogging thing. Get ready to hear lots more wedding (and a few other things) soon.

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House : Kitchen Difficulties

This weekend my lovely girlfriends are throwing me a bridal shower. This required registering. That we’ll talk more about tomorrow. But first, why I didn’t feel ready to register.

To stock up a kitchen full of nice things, we should probably have a nice kitchen.

And right now? We have a very not-so-nice kitchen:




These photos are about a year old now, and actually paint a fairly nice picture compared to its current state. Let’s just say we got ambitious and decided we should do an “interim fix up” of stripping the wallpaper and cabinets and repainting, and then we, uh, didn’t get past the “stripping” stage.

Last year when the bathroom was being remodeled and the electricity updated we started constructing a plan for the kitchen.

My lovely boss was so kind as to draw up our house, kitchen included:


kitchenplan1 1

Unfortunately, her ideal kitchen plan would’ve involved some serious moving of the plumbing (think moving the kitchen sink, washer/dryer and adding a dishwasher), something that our home improvement grant didn’t cover.

But her plan did give me a great starting point for tackling the IKEA Kitchen Planner.


After playing with many, many different versions, what I finally settled on was fairly similar to the original. The sink, stove and washer/dryer are in roughly the same places, but the fridge is freestanding (I hate covering the window, but it is really the only option that allowed us to keep the sink in the same spot and still have room for a washer/dryer).

It’s a solid plan, but unfortunately 2011 became the year of the wedding, not the year of the kitchen, as wedding planning (and budgeting) took over our lives before it could be executed.

Eventually, I hope it’ll look something like this…


But first we have to:

1) Figure out what to do about our sinking slab floors and asbestos tile. Self-leveling concrete and some respirators, I think…

2) Decide whether to make do with the existing walls work or re-drywall the whole thing. Based on the state of the peeling ceiling, it’ll probably be option B.

3) Upgrade some of our appliances, as our current vintage sink and stove are far too large for the space. Fabulous, but impractical. And our washing machine is neither fabulous not practical, but it does work! Eventually, I’d also like to upgrade the fridge to a counter depth model that will block less light.

4) Save up & buy those IKEA cabinets.

5) Do all the work.

So it’s a long road until we have a place to proudly display a KitchenAid…

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Wedding : DIY Confusion


IMG_20110613_211250 my “to-get” list so far


In case I haven’t previously mentioned this, we are having a DIY wedding. In the sense, that is, that we are doing [almost] everything ourselves. From soup to nuts. Or, in this case, from appetizers to flowers.


We have some vendors. Our venue, for one. They are providing us with a building. It has bathrooms and a roof. This is good as it means no hiring of Port-a-Potties or tents, which was a deal-breaker for me.


We also have a vendor who is providing dinner, gelato and coffee. This is an excellent start, as we can do away with cake, and I don’t have to worry about getting one of those giant, nasty coffee makers. But we want to supplement with some extra appetizers, and real dishes. Paper and plastic (or better yet, bamboo and corn’) are great but not at my wedding, and especially not when I have bins full of flatware sitting at home.


IMG_20110506_203331 Not my house. But it could be. If I spend $300 on fancy shelving.


We will rent some chairs. That will be a vendor. And don’t tell me I can live with the chairs, because that would be lying. There are ugly chairs, and there are these:




And of course, our lovely photographer, who I will get to next week.


But other than that it is all DIY ATT (“all the time” LOLz) over here.




I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.


People are always talking about “crafting” and “projects” and insanity and hair-tearing-out.


And I’m not sure what that is in reference to.


See, I’ve got a spreadsheet. And I’m humming along on it rather nicely. Sure, I’ve got things to do, but they don’t involve sewing anything. [Yet.]


I bought myself Handmade Weddings for my birthday thinking it would get me crafting, er…something.




I even briefly considered making tablecloths out of burlap, as inspired by this wedding.


But then I started pricing burlap on the internet.


I would need approximately 64 yards for 8 tablecloths and burlap is not *dirt* cheap.


So for $150+my sewing time, I think I can probably scrounge up 8 tablecloths somewhere. Or head to the fabric store in Brooklyn Heights that has $1 a yard fabric.


But I briefly considered the burlap, and have been enjoying telling it as my “I’ve lost the plot” story. “I was going to order 64 yards of burlap off eBay, until I realized, I don’t know how big 64 yards of anything is! What if a truck pulled up with giant bolts of burlap and I couldn’t get it in the front door, much less near the sewing machine!”


Silly DIY bride.




Maybe my eerie calm is because I’ve done this sort of thing before? I mean, I’ve worked in interior design for 3 years, and before that in enough art departments to understand exactly what one can do with an IKEA…


But I still feel all this pressure to get crafting NOW, before it’s too late!


And so, I’ve started to hate on my easy-peasy plans, and think they’ve all been overdone:


~handmade photobooth with random fun cloth backdrop with camera equipment we already own

~brooch bouquet with brooches I already have courtesy of several generations of female relations (see photo above)

~centerpieces with milk and art deco glass vessels and antique books from our own house…heck, I may even be able to use our own gladiolas

~paper lantern lamps (these courtesy of IKEA) for our venue that doesn’t come with its own lighting

~glass-paned door seating chart with glass doors from out attic


See you guys, I’m some bunting and felt mustaches away from ORDINARY!


Isn’t it ridiculous? The contents of my house have handed me a super-trendy, SUPER-EASY “DIY” wedding, and I’m over here being too concerned with being “original” to appreciate it.


Classic me.


And if it wasn’t for Becca’s well-timed post on her wedding decor last week, I would still care.


But as it stands, this is what we’re doing, it’s easy, and I’m going to have to learn to deal with it.

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Christmas Craft! : Vintage Glass Ornament Wreath




In my cleaning-out-the-house-process(more on this in general next week) , I’m trying my damnedest to not keep things. There are enough things that are a bit of a given to keep – heaps of jewelry, the china, the crystal, scraps of paper from the 1950’s that are "interesting"…so yea, even though it goes against my very nature (which judging by the state of the house is apparently genetic), my motto is "sell, sell, sell".


So it was not without a lot of guilt that I decided not to sell ~80 vintage glass Christmas ornaments. (At ~$1/each that was an extra $80 I guess I decided I could live without.) I was totally going to list them on Ebay and spent a good hour taking the photos to prove it.


But then I saw some wreaths like these, and I decided I wanted one (in a temper tantrum-y way), and that I could make one.






So after a week’s procrastination and quick trip to get a blank wreath and some floral wire, I was on my way. I would give further instructions on my DIY-ness, but I don’t really recommend you do what I did.


Et voila:



A little…off.


Tip: When assembling, do not leave the wreath flat on the table the whole time. This will result in something similarly crappy and lopsided to what I achieved. If it’s possible to do so securely, I would just make the whole wreath vertically.

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