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Style : Honeymoon

I’m taking a break from the intensive invite DIY that is our living room right now to brave the mosquitos in the yard, sip some tequila and blog.






A few weeks ago Scott helped me to brush up my rusty photoshop skillz and learn to make an inspiration board. I picked our honeymoon (because let’s face it, it’s all I want to think or talk about) as a subject, and I was really pleased with the results:




1… Technically, we’re going to be based in Atrani, not Amalfi, but it’s only a 2km difference, and “Amalfi Honeymoon” had a nicer ring to it. 

2…  linen scarf
3… Vintage Capri travel poster by Laboccetta, 1962
4… 70s Balmain sunglasses
5… striped sun hat via Pinterest
6… beachy tunic
7… Anthro bikini
8… jute Keds
9… maxi skirt



With the exception of the super-cute Keds (though I’m not sure how well they’ll fair on uneven Amalfitane scalinatelle—staircase streets), none of this awesomeness will be in my suitcase, but I’m slowly curating my own inspiration-board-worthy honeymoon wardrobe…




…More soon!

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Wedding : Immersion

Fullscreen capture 7292011 124556 AM 

This is how I feel almost every waking moment of the day.


I think it’s high time to admit that the wedding has taken over my life, as well as this blog.


At less than two months out, I don’t think that this is unreasonable.


But I’m still trying not to give in, I’m still trying to plan drink dates, and evenings on the town, and we are thisclose to buying tickets to see Bill Bailey two days before our wedding.






On the blog front, I feel a bit like I’m drowning. There’s dozens of half-written posts floating around in my head… and in my drafts folder… in Evernote… on my phone… I’ve totally the lost the planned-a-week-in-advance editorial calendar I had grasped briefly somewhere around mid-June.


But on the other hand, the slight panic that has set in about how much there is to do and how little time to do it in has launched me into super get-it-done mode. 


Tasks are getting crammed into every waking moment that isn’t occupied with vital functions like eating, sleeping, showering, working, or daydreaming about our honeymoon (in the name of blog research).


I’m not sure what the point of saying this is, other than yea, that’s what I’ve got going on.


Hopefully this coming solid weekend of at-home productivity—after the last two weekends of reunions and day trips—will get me back on track with this here blogging thing. Get ready to hear lots more wedding (and a few other things) soon.