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Black & White & Yellow All Over, Cashmere Edition

So I finally (16 months later) caved. Apparently $69 + shipping & tax on Ideeli was cheap enough to make me a cashmere convert.



And, oh my god, was I ever converted.


Being as broke as I generally have been, I’ve never bought myself cashmere I have a couple cashmere/partial-cashmere hand-me-downs. But man, are they nothing like KnitWit. It’s like wearing a hug, I swear to god.



DSCF1057knitwit hoodie, victoria’s secret pima cotton turtleneck tunic, jcrew pearls, yellow puffer jacket courtesy of my late mother & sears circa the ’70s, american apparel circle scarf, jeans from charlotte russe


I’ll probably usually ignore the yellow accents on the hoodie, but for its first outing I choose to embrace them, and the results happily reminded me of this wedding, visually one of my favorites:



Next up, actively preventing myself for blowing my savings on KnitWit hoodies…

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What I’m doing these days…

(Because I don’t really travel that much, that’s just what I get off my ass and blog about…)



1) Finding and emailing every potential beach wedding venue this side of the Jersey Shore…

[this one’s blissfully all wrapped up, but I’m leaving it as a reminder of how long it takes me to finish a blog entry.]


2) Designing a kitchen we can’t afford…


3) Watching tv, especially HGTV with which I’m hoping our snark can be one day be turned into a blog…


4) Entering the last 3 years of financial data into quicken…


5) Online shopping


6) Lots of personal reflection/growth time (including Mondo Beyondo, tons of books, and APW’s well-timed things to think about)…


7) [Mostly avoiding] Selling off the contents of my house on Etsy and Ebay


8) Squeezing in some kind of exercise in the increasingly colder and darker days…

[thanks Jackie Warner for lighting a fire under my ass this summer]


9) Taking an acting class…


10) And trying to write this damn blog.

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Ideeli Fail

For someone who hasn’t posted much since starting this blog last year, I sure talk about Ideeli a lot.

Probably cause it’s like my morning coffee. I know I should switch to some happy blogs that teach me how to craft or something. But that’s like skim milk to my half & half loving self.

My Ideeli addiction started off easily enough: I signed up on a friend’s recommendation and found it easy enough to resist the $1k Fendi bags. Then they starting adding sale after sale, and things got cheaper and harder to deny myself. And eventually I bought something…and then another something…and then so many somethings that they gave me a complimentary upgrade to Front Row membership. Which I’ve retained for like a year now…

These purchases were not without their problems. Shipping (overpriced as it is) takes foooorevvvvver. Items show up hanging out of half-taped boxes days before you even receive the (overdue) shipping email.



The ABS Essentials dress I missed out on…

I thought the worst was when they sent me the wrong size. But that was the tip of the beginning of what turned annoyance into hatred. Despite my near-hysterical rant (shouldn’t complimentary Front-Row status count for something?!), they refused to apologize for their mistake. In fact, they acted as though they were doing ME a favor by returning an item ordinarily ineligible for return! What are you Ideeli–a store or a grab bag?!

I PROMISED myself I would stop buying.

I would just…browse.

Needless to say that did not last.

Which brings us to the latest Ideeli Fail.



Oh la la Cheri Mystere Chemise Set

(BUY THIS from me on EBAY)

This lovely lingerie, that I was so excited to flounce around in (ok, more like I was excited to have something cute to hold up my cable knit stockings in the fall), was too big. I know it internet shopping means size gambling. But this “S”, an alleged 32B, was MASSIVE.

So massive, in fact, I put on a Victoria’s Secret 32B underneath it and still had enough room left over for an extra bra-covered boob in each cup.

On no planet does this “small” equal a 32B. If it is, I pity the small-titted woman like myself that will never get to enjoy Oh La La Cheri’s beautiful things.

I say “if” because, though there was a hang tag with size “S” on it, the tags sewn into the chemise and panties were unmistakably cut off.

Ideeli fail, Ideeli scam, you tell me if I’m crazy. Maybe they came up with a crafty solution for the customers like me who actually care if they get a Small or a Large.

And no, before you ask, I didn’t email Ideeli. I work on both sides of the customer service spectrum day in and day out. I can’t stomach more crap when I get home. Instead, I emailed Oh la la cheri out of curiosity. To satisfy yours, here is their equally unhelpful response:

Hi there,

I recently purchases a Mystere set through Ideeli in a size "Small," listed as the equivalent to a 32B. It is unusually large on me, although I always wear a 32B. I was wondering if the tags sewn into your garments should indicate the size, as the hang tags say "S," but the tags inside the garment appear to have been cut off. Thanks for your help!

CustomerService <>

Dear customer,

I am sorry to hear that the fitting is not what you were expecting.

Could you please tell me a little bit more about the piece you bought:

You said it was a Mystere set. Could you tell me now:

    * the color (Pink or Black)
    * the shape (2-pc set chemise + g-string or Bra+Boy Short)
    * Did you order a Small or a 32B?

Thank you for all your answers as we always try to make sure our customers have a great experience with our products.

Best regards,

                             Customer Service

To: CustomerService <>

Hi there,

Thanks for the quick response. It was a black, 2-pc chemise + g-string set. The size is Small which, according to the size chart on Ideeli, was the equivalent of a 32B. The hang tag says Small, but the tags sewn into the garments do not have a size on them.


CustomerService <>

I truly wish I could exchange it for you but we are out of that style for most of the sizes, Mystere being a very popular item.

As much as I’d like to help you and change it for you, there is no much else I could do.

Should there be anything else I could do to help, please let me know.


                             Customer Service

To: CustomerService <>
Hi there:

There is no need for an exchange, my inquiry was only if the tags sewn into your garments should indicate the size?


Way to hire robot/Southeast Asian CS reps, people.

I know I’m not the only person out there with these issues, in fact, the very friend who sent me my Ideeli invite is trying to get me to jump ship to Swirl. (Thanks dude, That is like giving a 15 year old a joint and trying to get them off crack 3 years later.) Sure, she might be on to something with their quick, reasonable shipping, And even better are the more expensive, fewer sales that sell out faster.

Regardless, I’m done with buying from Ideeli.

I’m just browsing.

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To Buy or Not to Buy: A Personal History of Buyer’s Remorse

In an homage to my potential future logo, and my concurrent addiction to any and all things damask, filigree and fleur di lis, I present my very first post:

pc: ideeli

Beautiful things such as this often frequent my inbox in the morning from ideeli. And sometimes, like this morning, result in gut-wrenching decisions about buying them. Believe me, I know $99 for a $300 Knit Wit cashmere hoodie is a freaking steal. But that doesn’t mean $100 isn’t five $20 sweaters, a fifth of a potential vacation weekend, and 5 hours of work. You’re probably already seeing where this is going.

Believe that I am all for spending money, within your own personal means, on things of quality that are well-made, beautiful and will last. Your phone, your computer, your purse, those things you see, touch, carry all freaking day long should be the absolute best—that one can afford.

But as much as holding such a beautiful thing that is just so, so me, would be wonderful, and wearing it even wonderful-er, I just couldn’t bring myself to click “Add to cart.” (Ok, that’s a lie. I had it in the cart for the whole 15 minutes, but in the end couldn’t go through with it.) As much as the hoodie’s me, dropping that much cash on something that I probably would never wear because it cost that much, and was cashmere and hand wash only, just isn’t me.

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