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House : Office continued.

P1020870 this photo was not staged. nope, not at all.

Last year on Thanksgiving weekend we converted a spare bedroom into a proper office for Scott. (And me too, kinda. I got a desk!)

Yet, with my plodding nature and all the other things (read : wedding) we had going on, half of the room was filled with a snap-together type metal crate college dorm appropriate storage unit that I—shocker—got for my college dorm ten years ago.

A few weeks ago I made the executive decision that I would lay off the shoes (one day I’ll link this sentence to an as-yet unwritten post about my pre-Italy shoe problem), and use my personal money to buy stuff for the house. (Nesting much?)

The first order of business was ditching the godawful wire crates and getting some real live grownup Billy bookcases. Cause, yes, in this case IKEA is a step up.

Along with the Billy’s came a new light fixture! This was an overly simple stroke of genius if I do say so. I threw away the $7 Walmart emergency purchase floor lamp from 2006, and just hung a simple bulb and cord combo with one of our leftover wedding lanterns.


Because everything barely fit in the car (and dammit if I didn’t totally forget to take pictures of how we managed to squeeze it all in there), I’m still waiting on this shelf for my collection of Vogues. Not quite the invisible spine shelf I really want, but good enough for now.

And because I’m a regular Holly Homemaker, I also finally [this one’s only a year and a half late] installed a medicine cabinet in our bathroom, and put a door handle on the vanity!

Checking stuff off the list feels really good. I guess sometimes in the world of home decor and personal style it’s doable, or even preferable, to work with what you have. And other times you just need to go out and buy new stuff.

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Nice little Saturday planned : Shiny new office and storage closet


Literally! It’s shiny, see:




So I spent Thanksgiving weekend busting my ass. This is the 2nd year running of using my only annual 4 day weekend to get these kinds of project done, and I kind of regret this, as the highlight of my mini-vacation was catching snippets of the dog show Thursday afternoon each time I walked by the TV.


The lowlights include hands so raw (constant washing + an assortment of cleaning products – any kind of lotion = a big mistake) they literally cracked & the meltdown I had somewhere around 7pm Sunday night when the house was still in shambles. (Does it make me extra crazy that how blissfully clean it all ended up was totally worth the meltdown?)


Projects we tackled:


1) Recreating our crappy office into a nice office, as inspired by some  repurposed stainless steel IKEA cabinets courtesy of Felicitas Oefelein:








2) Moving this:



Into this:




As these things go, it got worse before it got better:






But we ultimately transformed the whole thing into a slightly less-messy, definitely less-DIRTY closet:




Success rate : 80%?


I would still like proper storage vessels for my grandmother’s china and crystal to perhaps put those where they belong, like the attic, hahaha.


We haven’t yet done anything about re-editing art or hanging guitars and /or bicycles on walls.


I would also like a sweet vertical shelf thing for my Vogue collection. And any old IKEA bookcase in order to do away once and for all with stupid wire snap together shelves…



Oh yeah, and I need an actual desk chair!


BUT, in real life "before and afters" don’t reach 100% overnight, or even over a weekend. So it’s never too late to fix the lingering details that are bothering you…

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At last, a bath.

Before I get going on the before/after bonanza, a little background on my long-awaited bathroom renovation:


Four amazingly short years ago, in 2006, I moved back to LI from LA to re-inhabit my childhood home that had been passed down to me from my grandparents and my mom. In a bit of a pickle/temper tantrum, I had chosen to stay in LA to finish school and avoid the looming responsibility of said house, which I was too attached to to sell and too post-adolescent to actually want to live in. So for several years it had been loaned/rented out to friends and people found on Craigslist.

Needless to say, upon my return the place was a shithole. But I got lucky actually, those years of being a rental could definitely have gone a lot worse.

217451445_81346bb687_o 217451466_c686ed8d54_o  

Sadly, it was a downhill decline for my poor bath even after I moved back in: water damage, mold, failing pipes, carpenter ants, ugly eighties design–the poor thing was just ravaged, and I had zero dollars to fix it.

DSC_0053 DSC_0057  DSC_0064 DSCF9700

After 3 years of feeling helpless, I found the good people at CDCLI through the HUD website, and my 4 years (including one year of applying for and waiting to start their program) of the simple dream of a working sink and a shower with walls became a reality in 4 days of work.


Here you can see some bathroom Befores:

We lost the wall behind the tub during a Thanksgiving Day emergency when the original 50-year-old “hot” knob decided to start spewing water…


That classy inner shower curtain is hiding the other missing wall, this one lost to a carpenter ant infestation. We tore the wall down to take out the beam they had made a massive nest in.

This picture, if you can believe it, makes it look much better than it was, though you can get an idea of how the wall behind the toilet was also rotting away due to repeated water damage from the leaky sink.



Monday : Gutted bath
DSCF0400 DSCF0388DSCF0390 DSCF0389 
New plumbing, tub, concrete board – the works!

Tuesday : Tile DSCF0399
Concrete board and dry wall finished and tile begun…

Wednesday : Electric and more tile

DSC_0050 DSCF0553 
Hump day: While tiling continued in the bath, the electrician came to switch out our  so not up-to-code old-school fuse box, and install new outlets. We also got a sweet new exhaust fan and an outlet in the bathroom!

DSCF0401 DSCF0402
Moving all our crap away from every outlet was practically impossible.

DSCF0407 DSCF0410 

Love my classic white hex tile floor, but quickly realized I’ll hate cleaning it.

Thursday : Grout and fixtures = finished!
My first look – pardon the table lamp plugged in until we got halogen bulbs for our new wall sconce.

I worked with CDCLI to supply some materials courtesy of my awesome and generous boss Felicitas Oefelein of FO Design, and my own penny-pinching ingenuity. As we collected more and more bathroom reno-related items, our office/craft room became a storage facility.

Kitty helping me lay out tiles.

Above you can see my attempts at deciding on accent tiles the weekend before they started to work. Using basic Home Depot grade subway tiles (~$0.80/sq. ft.) with a bit of mosaic accent tile was a great way to do something beyond a contractor-grade basic bath without spending a ton.

The accent I wound up falling in love with was a glass and stone mosaic that, because this is how my life works, was discontinued and nearly out of stock at Home Depot. After trips to 6 stores, I had hunted down exactly 6 3″x12″ pieces (and sadly this was all from the first 2 stores), so I decided to have our contractor cut down each piece into 2″ x 12″ pieces so they would reach around the bath. At $8 a piece this was probably for the best, as this accent wound up being a $50 splurge!

But I love the blending of modern and classic these give the room; it helps to bridge the gap between the traditional white subway tiles and white hex floor tiles, and my super-modern (super-affordable) Ikea vanity.


Better than I ever imagined…

 DSCF0538-1 DSCF0541-1  DSCF0544-1


After the After
Like most renovations, this one’s lingering on the brink of done. We still need a kickass medicine cabinet—I’m saving up for the biggest mirror as I can buy. I’d also like to install a cubicle track for the shower curtain as an upgrade from the $8 target tension rod we through up there. And there might be a really awesome wallpaper taped to the wall to “try out.”


Ed. note: For the reno purists out there, we did salvage the original hamper, and I’m hoping to give it a fresh coat of paint and install it in the storage closet or master bedroom. It’s an awesome original piece, but so not a good idea for a bathroom—dirty items, humidity, you get the idea.

Also, this entry will be launching a side blog about the slow road to renovation on my childhood home over at Surburban Archeology. Not really having a clue what I want this blog (much like my real life) to be about, I might be posting things in duplicate, or there may be more detail over there. We will see where it goes….