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Project : Thanksgiving

It’s become something of the tradition since I moved back from LA for Thanksgiving to be  the biggest home improvement weekend of my year. In my broke and workaholic state it was the longest “vacation” I’d take each year, so it was my (our) one chance at a big project.

In 2007, Scott, my bff Kim, and I stripped 3 layers of wallpaper and painted (all 4 coats of red) the master bedroom.


DSC01682 DSC01663


P1000743In 2008, we did the same thing to the living room.

In 2009, I embarked on one of several reorganizations of the spare bedroom which is totally just storage room.


Last year, we made Scott an office and I cleaned out and repainted the hall closet (seriously the first time in at least 28 years this had happened).












during after










This year, despite my best efforts (I was still planning on hitting up IKEA until about 8pm last night), the project is a little different. And probably A LOT less labor intensive.

Tomorrow morning we hit the road to Bucks County, PA to marry off Aimee

Keriann & Scott 0125 © Jimena Roquero Photography© Jimena Roquero Photography

Keriann & Scott 1075 © Jimena Roquero Photography© Jimena Roquero Photography


… and her crazy—I mean amazing—Dave. (I really just wanted an excuse to post this photo.)


Keriann & Scott 1132 © Jimena Roquero Photography

© Jimena Roquero Photography



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Wedding : Immersion

Fullscreen capture 7292011 124556 AM 

This is how I feel almost every waking moment of the day.


I think it’s high time to admit that the wedding has taken over my life, as well as this blog.


At less than two months out, I don’t think that this is unreasonable.


But I’m still trying not to give in, I’m still trying to plan drink dates, and evenings on the town, and we are thisclose to buying tickets to see Bill Bailey two days before our wedding.






On the blog front, I feel a bit like I’m drowning. There’s dozens of half-written posts floating around in my head… and in my drafts folder… in Evernote… on my phone… I’ve totally the lost the planned-a-week-in-advance editorial calendar I had grasped briefly somewhere around mid-June.


But on the other hand, the slight panic that has set in about how much there is to do and how little time to do it in has launched me into super get-it-done mode. 


Tasks are getting crammed into every waking moment that isn’t occupied with vital functions like eating, sleeping, showering, working, or daydreaming about our honeymoon (in the name of blog research).


I’m not sure what the point of saying this is, other than yea, that’s what I’ve got going on.


Hopefully this coming solid weekend of at-home productivity—after the last two weekends of reunions and day trips—will get me back on track with this here blogging thing. Get ready to hear lots more wedding (and a few other things) soon.

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Bedroom before & after, princess & the pea version.

DSC00914 Before.

I apparently disliked it so much I never bothered to take a good picture of it.


Also before.


P1000745 After


P1000728 Yes, I was too lazy to unplug my humidifier. Clearly this isn’t Elle Decor.


We’re not good sleepers, the two of us. Scott has night terrors and I just have general sensitivity to feng shui or something. I seriously wish I knew what “or something” means so I could fix it, but out of the several bedrooms and myriad hotel rooms I’ve slept in, some just feel right and others just feel wrong. [And wrong often results in night terrors myself.] Thus, I can be a bit of a nomad, sleeping months at a time in odd places throughout my house or apartment.


Somewhere pre-digitalization are pictures from my old LA apartment, which I loved to pieces with the great exception of my bedroom. It was entered through a closet, had another door to the outside, and a giant picture window that could never be uncovered because it was just a huge view of the motley crew of ‘Nam vets who lived next door and smoked weed in their driveway all day long. And so, there was no good place to put a bed. For two years, I dragged my mattress to different places around the room and was never settled.


Needless to say, when I moved back into my childhood home, I was hoping moving into my grandparent’s former master bedroom would result in good sleep vibes, rather than bad ones. (My childhood bedroom fell into the latter category.) But alas, it was kind of a fail.


Even sadder, it took us 3 years (including an embarrassingly long time camping out on the living room floor – why is it so embarrassing? Can everyone else really just sleep wherever they’re supposed to?!) from when I “finished” the bedroom until we finally rearranged. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think this configuration is a winner.


Now I just need a firmer mattress. Sleeping on the floor can do wonders for your spine.


Also to do: Recenter my Tord Boontje pendant. Figure out a less random this-is-where-the-hook-already-was placement of the large dancer print. Get a flatscreen TV. Maybe paint the furniture lacquered white or black. Maybe add a row of chunky white hooks to the empty wall for weekly clothing storage….

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Nice little Saturday planned : Shiny new office and storage closet


Literally! It’s shiny, see:




So I spent Thanksgiving weekend busting my ass. This is the 2nd year running of using my only annual 4 day weekend to get these kinds of project done, and I kind of regret this, as the highlight of my mini-vacation was catching snippets of the dog show Thursday afternoon each time I walked by the TV.


The lowlights include hands so raw (constant washing + an assortment of cleaning products – any kind of lotion = a big mistake) they literally cracked & the meltdown I had somewhere around 7pm Sunday night when the house was still in shambles. (Does it make me extra crazy that how blissfully clean it all ended up was totally worth the meltdown?)


Projects we tackled:


1) Recreating our crappy office into a nice office, as inspired by some  repurposed stainless steel IKEA cabinets courtesy of Felicitas Oefelein:








2) Moving this:



Into this:




As these things go, it got worse before it got better:






But we ultimately transformed the whole thing into a slightly less-messy, definitely less-DIRTY closet:




Success rate : 80%?


I would still like proper storage vessels for my grandmother’s china and crystal to perhaps put those where they belong, like the attic, hahaha.


We haven’t yet done anything about re-editing art or hanging guitars and /or bicycles on walls.


I would also like a sweet vertical shelf thing for my Vogue collection. And any old IKEA bookcase in order to do away once and for all with stupid wire snap together shelves…



Oh yeah, and I need an actual desk chair!


BUT, in real life "before and afters" don’t reach 100% overnight, or even over a weekend. So it’s never too late to fix the lingering details that are bothering you…