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Style : Work

Check out those demon eyes. Clearly I was born to be doing this, right?

Like the internet needs another person blogging photos of their outfits. Ugh, I hate myself already.

Yesterday was my first day working from home (and by working I mean supervising movers and figuring out how to squeeze all my crap into my 10′ x11′ office), and I figured I’d celebrate by documenting my last week of leaving-the-house clothes. (Ok, if you’ve been following the weather in NY you’ll notice it was my technically my second to last week’s wardrobe.) Obviously, I’m already getting SO much DONE. 

It was actually oddly fun and relaxing taking these by myself with a tripod. Click 10 sec timer, try to look fierce, fail miserably, repeat. I might make this a regular thing to motivate myself to continue dressing thoughtfully. (Even if it’s just in one of FOUR pairs of Uniqlo legging pants I just bought. They’re seriously that awesome. Work from home pants, what what.)

I was pretty proud of this week’s outfits, especially in light of the unseasonably cold temperatures (I don’t know how to dress for 70’s) and fact that I’ve been doing a lot of manual labor at work. There’s a solid color scheme going on, and I think this would make for an excellent vacation wardrobe, as it all can be mixed and matched and repeated ad infinitum.

This is the face of someone who’s not usually productive before 9am.
Top: Target?
Shorts: Express
Shoes: Keds
Outtake, ftw. Unless you enjoy my fiercely stressed out face.
Pants: Target
Hoodie: H&M
Shoes: Toms
Scarf: Target
This one does not photograph well. I’d like a do over with some skinny white jeans.
White shirt: Converse for Target
Tank: for Target
Pants: H&M
What is this, FashionToast? Look at that pose. I clearly think I’m on ANTM. My first serious attempting at mixing prints. I think it’s working. God I love purple and persimmon.
Onesie: Express
Scarf: Target
Belt: NineWest via TJMaxx
Shoes: Keds
Bag: PradaP1030537
 P1030542 More intense modeling.
Skirt: Vintage, my mom.
Tube: I don’t remember
V-neck: Express.


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Tequila & me…

…go way back.


my mango-passionfruit-pineapple-guava margarita,

I’d forgotten how happy a lovely tequila can make me, until we were reunited this weekend.

A bottle of the stunning and delicious Espolon, and I got acquainted over fresh pineapple, papaya, mango, with a splash of triple sec, lime, lemon, and guava juice.

My rusty mixology skills were jogged by this recipe from Bobby Flay, and I would recommend skipping the simple syrup (unless you really love sugar in an unhealthy way). Frozen fruit is a good way to skip the ice cubes if you’re as lazy as I am and can’t maintain ice cube trays.

Excited to try this excellent tequila on the rocks with just a tropical juice, and maybe some seltzer…

Cheers to milking the end of summer, and drinking in the afternoon.

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